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First mushroom experience. Insane. Level 5

I ate too much my first time and resulted in a traumatizing experience

It was the day before New Year's and me and my friend decided to eat an eighth of mushrooms, while we had some other friends there to trip sit if needed.  This was my very first time ever eating mushrooms, but my friend (we will call him B) has tried them a couple times.  we weigh out the mushrooms on my scale and we each have 3.5 G's.   the mushrooms had long white stems with golden brown caps.  We chewed up the mushrooms at around 10-11 p.m. while drinking it down with lemonade.   

About an hour later we are starting to feel the effects. Me and B each take a fat dab right before the come-up.  We are in the basement and everything is waving,  breathing,  and pulsating.   I look at one of my friends  that had a blue sweatshirt on and I can see blues that I've never seen before.   at this point I am laughing hysterically and holding on to B while we%u2019re laughing harder than ever, for no reason.   But now we both  start convincing each other we should eat more.  I am telling him to not eat more than me because then I wouldn't be able to reach him.   I don't know what this meant but I was  coming up on the trip and it made me say the lot of things I normally wouldn't say.  We eat another mushroom that adds up to around 4 grams in total now.  

I never would have eaten another  mushroom if I knew what they can actually do to you.   basically all I have done before this event was smoked cannabis daily,  so I underestimated the effects of mushrooms,  which was very stupid of me.  Now I am laying on the floor, face down, in B%u2019s basement.  One of my friends asked me what I am doing, and I respond:  %u201C I have to get closer to the Earth%u201D   now I am laying on the couch and  I completely lost track of reality.  I didn%u2019t know the difference in whether i was laying down or standing up.  I would shout out to my friends:  %u201Cdid that actually just happen?!?%u201D   because I didn't know if my thoughts were happening in real life or just happening in my head.   I was thinking many things that I had no control about even thinking of. Everything I am about to say now is not going to be in the exact order it happened because it would be impossible for me to remember the order at this point.   

I am standing on the ground in the basement, and my feet feel cemented into the ground.  My body starts wiggling uncontrollably,  and this is when I conclude that I am a plant!  I start shouting out to my friends: %u201CI am growing,  I am a plant.%u201D  My body starts walking places without my control.   my friends managed to get me sitting on the couch so I can calm down,  and they bring me a glass of water to see if that helps.  They handed me a glass of water and I just shot it up toward my lips, and the water splashed all over my face.   My friends are laughing now because it is hilarious that I can not even drink water, and that I completely forgot how to swallow.   I feel like a newborn baby because I don't know anything in our %u201Creal%u201D life right now,  but instead, I%u2019m at a higher level of conscience,  and thinking things that I never would have thought before.  This is where I start to lose my mind.   

I am now seeing in third person and seeing my body from above it.  I see my mother and a cop walk down into the basement and look at my body laying on the ground.  This makes me realize I am dead.  The cop starts asking me questions that I don't even remember. (My mom and the cop never were really there, it was just a major hallucination.)  

When my Mom and cop were gone, I was talking to B on the couch.  He was completely unrecognizable.  He was glowing, and shiny gold all over.  He was a female angel.  I was totally in another dimension at this point in the trip.  We both don%u2019t remember any of the stuff we were saying until this day, but all I know is that we were having a very deep conversation.  A conversation that nobody has ever heard before.  And we were talking about things that have never been heard by humans before.  I think we might have been speaking in another language.  After one of us says something I got really scared for some reason and got up and bolted up B%u2019s stairs.  Again, without my control.  I turned around and saw that B followed me up the stairs.  He (she) was now hovering above the ground and glowing intensely.  I kept walking away from B as I felt the dimensions ripping through my body and I was falling everywhere.  I was trying to walk outside again and I remember on my way up the stairs while trying to get out the door, I see doors opening everywhere by themselves.  I am hearing gusts of wind around me, mixed with voices even though I am still inside.   

Then I start rising up, and now I am floating higher up and away from my body as I look down at my body getting smaller and smaller, as I get higher and higher.. I shout out:  %u201CBut what if the gnomes are in the basement?%u201D  Then I proceeded to run out of B%u2019s house. I am sprinting down his driveway while tearing off my pants.  I was having major time loops of me  going outside and then walking back inside,  and then walking back outside again.  This  repeated for what felt to be like hundreds of times in that one night.   This is where everything gets very bad.  I remember looking at my friend's phone somehow and I looked at the time.   For what felt like an hour to me passes by, and the time stays the exact same.   Then eternity goes by and still not one minute has moved.  This makes me one hundred percent convinced that I had died.   

Now I thought that I was in hell for eternity.  I would keep having the loops of walking outside and I would try to open up my friend's car but it was  locked.   since I was tripping I didn't even know that you could lock something.  So this made me extremely confused.   I started freaking out and this is where things are getting worse and I repeatedly kept going outside and trying to open his door.   I thought that since I couldn't open the door that this meant  this is what it's like to be in the afterlife.   Since ghosts can't open doors, I thought I was now my soul, as a ghost, in hell.   I am running around, completely naked, while screaming like a banshee. Keep in mind that it is New Years, and it is like 3 a.m. so it is cold as balls.  B has been running around this whole time chasing me while trying to restrain me so I didn%u2019t end up killing myself. I%u2019m running around, and my body keeps collapsing, and then I instantly stand up, and then collapse again within a few seconds.   Whenever B would chase me down he would wrap his arms around my body and try to lay me down on the ground.   the scary thing is,  is that I wouldn't even see him when he was wrapped around me.   he was completely invisible.   I am feeling the dimensions being ripped through me.  Once he had me laying on the ground, i had my arms wrapped around B%u2019s legs, and holding on as hard as I could.  I think this is because I was completely losing reality and I was %u201Cholding on%u201D for my life.  While I lay there wrapped around B.  He starts calling my friends.  Oh yeah.  At this point I realize my other friends that were there had left us, because I think that what they were witnessing scarred them for life.  Anyway, siri responds off of B%u2019s phone: %u201CCall Joe Perlecky%u201D (changed last name for his privacy.)  Siri only says it once obviously.  But I hear it as: %u201CCall Joe Perlecky, call Joe Perlecky, call Joe Perlecky.%u201D  It repeated on and on.  And I could hear it clear as day.  It%u2019s not like I was just hearing it in my head.  I was actually hearing it. When he answers, B starts shouting out: %u201CI need you here right now!  Alex (me) is attacking me and I need your guises help.  (Apparently I was swinging my fists at B.)  J says okay and that they will be right there.  

I turn my head while laying on B%u2019s driveway (still naked) and see my friends show up with even more of my friends that weren%u2019t there before, show up.  They get out of their cars and their bodies start walking up B%u2019s driveway.  All of them are walking, but while completely frozen.  They were all just walking in one place for eternity.  Then they all disappeared and then they began to teleport around me.  Obviously, this scared me, so I got up off the concrete and started running around again, without my control.  Since life was glitching so hard, I actually thought I was in my soul in hell while observing my friends that were still alive, while I was dead.  I am running around the front of B%u2019s house and falling face first into bushes.  I turn around and see B trying to chase me down.  I would see his body frozen in one position, then he would reappear in a different position that was closer to me.  Then he was wrapped around me, and he was invisible again.  

This is when I blackout I%u2019m pretty sure because the next thing I know is, I%u2019m in a car now.  I ended up waking up, and %u201Ccoming back to life%u201D in a moving car.  (Apparently my friends managed to get me into the back of my friends car, and they were just driving me around to calm things down after the disaster that just happened.)  Anyways,  I am blacked out and the first signs of life that I get are a sound from the a.c. in the car.  Right now I still think I am dead, but I am hearing that noise.  I would hear a: %u201Cswoooooshhhh%u201D then it would fade away and I would be completely unconscious again.  Then it would come back.  Swooooooshh. Then my hearing snapped back into place and I started hearing a loud ringing, and external forces outside of my body making noise.  I open my eyes.  The first thing I do is look down because I feel excruciating pain.  (I couldn%u2019t feel pain during the whole trip.)  I look down and I am completely naked, my right hand is holding my dick and balls, I am covered in my blood, and also my piss.  My friends all turn around because they heard me wake up.  They ask me if I remember anything and I just stared at them with my jaws dropped.  I then start to shake my head side-to-side as a response.  I shake my head because I still don%u2019t know how to even speak yet, so it is the only response I could give.  I still did not know how to even speak English.  I completely forgot anything that was ever civilized by humans.

  About 15 minutes pass by of me just sitting there in shock.  I then start to shout out repeatedly: %u201CWhat the fuck?!?, what the fuck?!?, what the fuck?!?%u201D  I probably said that twenty times in the car, and it was the only words I knew how to say.  We get back to B%u2019s house and my friends reach out their arms to help me get out of the car.  They said %u201Cc%u2019mon let%u2019s go inside, and go to bed%u201D  I said: %u201Cbut how?%u201D  I sat there for 5 minutes while continuing to ask how I get out because I was still so confused.  I would say %u201Cbut I%u2019m naked%u201D and then they wrapped the blanket (that they wrapped around me when I was outside apparently so I didn%u2019t get hypothermia.)  The blanket was also covered in my own piss.  They help me up and walk me inside.  My friend lends me a pair of his pajamas to put on (without underwear since I lost my underwear and pants, but my friends find them the next day in a bush.)  The pajamas kept falling off since I am skinnier than most, which started to irritate me a little since I was commando.  The hoodie I was wearing felt so foreign on my body, and it just felt so weird on my body.  B gave me my phone back that he took from me so I wouldn%u2019t of lost it or broke it.  I check the time and it is now 5 a.m.  B and my other friends all go to bed pretty quickly, and I just stayed up all night still in shock.  I basically just sat in a chair and watched them all sleep until they woke up.  The next day I can%u2019t even stand up and move like a turtle.  The only way I could walk or even stand up was by drinking codeine the next couple days. 

 I told myself that I would never eat a single shroom again, but then a few days later I rethought that, and realized that there is high potential for an amazing, beautiful trip, if you dose right.  And me eating 4-5 grams my first time was stupid. 
 I plan on trying 2 grams of mushrooms in the future, and preferably in the summer when it is warm, so I don%u2019t have to deal with the cold again. 

    Now I will add some of the things I did, that I do not remember, but my friends told me the next morning.  B told me I was running through his kitchen while opening all of his drawers as if I was looking for something.  I was also told by another friend the next morning that I said I was sent from jehovah%u2019s witness.  What is scary about this, is that I am not religious in any way what-so-ever, and what%u2019s even more scary is that I never have even heard about jehovah%u2019s witness before the trip.  When I ended up searching about it, it made me really scared that I said that.  B also told me that I picked up one of his wine glasses in the kitchen, and was shaking it above my head while trying to eat it.  Then i drop it and glass shatters everywhere.  I don%u2019t understand how B%u2019s parents never found out about this. The moral of this story is to never eat more than 2 grams if it is your very first time exploring a mushroom trip because things can get out of control real quick.

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