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First time with "fake weed"

It was good


 Yesterday me and someone else tried something he called "fake weed" 

First before we did there was a good joint with just weed in it, and then we all pitched in in the bowl and he added the fake stuff in it. 

As soon as i hit it, i noticed that everything is going in slow motion, and i felt happy and it was good.

About 5 minutes go and i get a mild body high like feeling, it wasn't nothing like weed. But it was good

And it goes for about 5 hours, at timed i would zone out on something and just stare at it for several minutes

Over all it was a good experience and i look forward to trying it again.

Thats it, Peace - Parakeet

 (This should probably be moved to other substances. lol my bad,)

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