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BAD TRIP 4th of July (first time)

Well me and 2 friends of mine had been planning to take shrooms on the fourth of july for a while.

Well me and 2 friends of mine had been planning to take shrooms on the fourth of july for a while. We got the shrooms the night before. My 2 buddies and another friend came to pick me up at around 7:00pm.(this was my very first time by the way).
Our plan was to go up in the hills a little way above the fairgrounds where huge fireworks are set off every year. So we got up there and we each ate an 8th of shrooms which ended up being like 3.5grams each or sumthing.We drank sum orange juice to get our endorphins going so we could trip harder. We jus chilled in the car up on the hill overlooking our town. We decided to roll a joint and we smoked it. I first started feeling it about an hour after ingestion.
We got out of the car and walked a little way up this dirt road to sit down.I started getting the most intense body frying. It felt like i was just stoned out of my mind. we started walking back and my whole body was tingling and my tongue started getting numb. we lost all perception of time and reality then. we got back to the car and sat down to watch the sunset and eventually the fireworks display. we then started getting the first visuals. I began seeing amazing swirling colors in the sunset. Then for a minute everything felt like it went beyond 3d. i cant explain. i began seeing pixels and eyes in the clouds. this part was pretty fun, but as soon as night started falling the trip soon turned from good to bad. I knew in that forest setting i would go nuts. (by the way im 15 about 125 pounds 5'7" so this was quite a dosage for me).
The thing that started my bad trip was that my mom is kinda strict as far as checking in goes. so i called before the fireworks started when i was starting to peak. right then it was starting to get hard to keep a simple thought or speak in complete sentences. All of us told our parents different stories and our parents called eachother. It really wasnt that big of deal but the mushies magnified everything drastically. the fireworks started and my 2 of my friends were in the car and my other friend was hunched over on the lawn chair puking. I could start to hear other people in the hills and it sounded like a foreign language and i couldnt think straight. i tried to call my mom again but now i was shrooming balls. I couldnt even dial the right number and it was dark. i started getting really scared and felt alone. i got the biggest headrush and body fry on top of the biggest sensation of paranoia and anxiety. my limbs were numb and i fell over in the sagebrush. I then picked myself up and thought to myself What the FUCK is going on!!! I was tripping beyond comprehension now. we did have a babysitter to watch us but that fucker just sat in the car and didnt even respond to us. then we all got in the car and began to drive back down. i dont remember much but i called my mom and left another message but it didnt make sense. i probly sounded like a crazy skitzophrenic. then i completely forgot about all meaning and the spiritual effect began to kick in. every possible thought in the world raced through my head. I began questioning existence and began thinkin so deep i just got lost in my own head. all this time i was still seeing the craziest visuals. i woke up the next day not even frying anymore. that was the worst trip of my life i literally felt like an insane person. i wanna try em again but without any worries or loose ends to tie up.

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