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mushroom tea and life...


OKay so I thought I would contribute mg experience from the Monday that just passed. The day started normal, I chilled for a few hours. My mate (no names) came over and I asked him whether it was worth picking the shroom that had grown. Anyway he left and I was left with the shroom (not sure of weight but id guess around 2-3g?) So around 9.20pm I ate it, not very nice.it was only small so I genuinely didn't expect anything. 10pm came and I was watching pineapple express on xbox, then it hit me. I felt a huge wave come over me and felt slightly sick with an high body load. I began to feel anxious so put my headphone on and begsn listening to golem orion album (1973). The music began to fill my head with immense pressure and the walls were moving sideways. I imagined I was in the desert and suddenly the floor began to sway side to side., my body sank into the chair and I felt like sand myself!! Honestly it was coming on hard. I felt giggly at random times for no reason. Time seemed to go at a snails pace so I leant my head back, I was still sitting down since I couldnt be bothered to move. 
The floor turned to a smokey river with strange faces but as I looked closer the faces were bits of wood then star like patterns which swirled around my feet. I have to admit I felt pretty great, my feet felt stuck in the floor and the music was becoming more and more like a part of me. 
This is the part I recall as awesome. I switched the song and had a flash of light in my head so I shut my eyes. The world and all of life and nature and the animals, good memories and experiences of the earth were flashing before me. I have no idea who or what caused this. But when it finished I felt grounded again, and I just sat there for what felt like ages trying yo figure it out. It felt like the earth was telling me i was A part of it. The trip mellowed out around 12 but by this time the door and Walls were turning into square patterns with black inlays. Oh yeah I was watching wonders of the universe which blew me away, how can all that beautiful space exist!!
Overall it wad a fantastic experience. I saw some things that were beautiful. I was frightened at the onset but I kept telling myself that the shroom knows how to care for me!
I hope this wasn't to boring to read, thanks! :)

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