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Bad Trip

A few years ago I experimented with mushrooms for the first time.

A few years ago I experimented with mushrooms for the first time. I went up to a mates house for a pre Leeds festival smoking session. A few hours into the session his brother and his mates came barging into the room with a huge bag of dried out shrooms.

Without wanting to be derogatory in any sense his mates were what you might call chavs. Anyway they asked me if I wanted some shrooms and for some reason I said yes. I can't really tell you the dosage here because this is where my memory started to synthesize itself with the weirdest experience of my life.

After bombing the shrooms in Rizla they invited me into the other room. I agreed because they'd done me a favour with the shrooms and I felt kinda responsible to share the experience with them. Moments later I was crouched in between a circle of at least 8 strange people who were loading up a chillum of weed.

My turn was next with the "deathy" and it looked mighty creamy. As I approached the bottle neck I remember looking right through it and thinking that this was my portal to another dimension......it certainly was.

The effect was instantaneous I was back in the circle but in no way was I in control of my stream of thoughts and emotions. The circle of people seemed suddenly more aggressive, they were shouting and arguing about something or another. I felt vulnerable in this environment I was scared of being asked a question and looking weak when i stumbled responses. Even though I was sat rigidly still the sensation of being on a waltzer or in some king of anxiety fear sphere pervaded my mind.

Without saying a word I did one from the room and back into my mates room. I sat down again without saying a word, I didn't speak for the next 4 hours. Images of war were on the TV and it sparked horrific imagery within me. I couldn't stop thinking about circles, machines and our part in it. Definitely the feeling of being part of a single consciousness overcame me. It was like we were all on these circles but at different levels. I felt on the lowest of the circles the one destined for an eternity of seeing this and it felt like if i jumped of it I would be reincarnated as one of the soldiers i saw on the TV.

Random I know I'm trying my hardest to articulate as much as possible here. People were starting to approach me now and it freaked me out. Some of the others were saying things to me but in all honesty I didn't hear them I pushed all traces of the here and now way back. Eyes transfixed I remained perfectly still, perfectly silent.

The next thing I remember was one of my oldest mates turned up. I couldn't manage to acknowledge his presence but he was worried. It got to the point were people were trying anything to get a response from me but I was too deep into the trip, I felt bad for not responding but I wasn't there they were talking to a decaying corpse of my former self.

My visuals were not really hallucinations at all it was definitely more of a head trip. When people were helping me I remember feeling as if I was in hospital somewhere not on this plain of reality and the people were actually shots of insulin being pumped into my unconscious body.

Eventually when i came down from the trip liquid was puring from my mouth. It wasn't sick. A few hours earlier they had tried to make me drink some Fanta but I hadn't swallowed it. It took sometime for me to speak again but the enormous sense of relief when I did was staggering.

It definitely made me smarter when it comes to drugs having had this experience I respected drugs and their benefits and dangers. For around 2 years after I didn't smoke weed because if I did it induced flashbacks from the trip and I couldn't handle that again.

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