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Not a crazy first experience. 20g Cubes alone.


So to start. I have been interested in the psychedelic experience since the fall of 2015. I was living in Florida at the time and as mushrooms are legal in Florida I was on shroomery every day researching. Recently I moved back to alabama and now mushies are growing everywhere.  So to get on with the story i've found plenty of cubes in the area and decided it was time to trip for the first time. I ate roughly 25g of wet cubensis alone. I waited for a while and finally I felt sick so I went to the bathroom and threw up (at this point it is probably 2pm and I haven't eaten all day) which was expected. Nothing out of the ordinary. I never had strong visuals but I've never felt anything quite so amazing. I felt as if I was in tune with the cosmic energy. Like it was propigating through my very being. So I picked up my guitar and started to play and wow. I mean it was like it WAS me. I could FEEL the music it, was passionate, and complex, it was energy. So I just played my guitar and thought about life. It wasn't a crazy first trip but let me tell you I will never look at the world the same again. I'm excited for my second experience hopefully to come soon and hopefully level 3.

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