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First Mushroom Experience 2.8g Alone

Psilocybe cubensis Cambodian/Transkei

Hello everyone, I am new to posting on this forum but not new to the forum itself. I recently had my first experience with the "magic" mushrooms. I had 4 grams of dried psilocybe cubensis  (some transkei strain and some cambodian strain). I came home from work on a saturday night at around 8:30-9:00 and decided to give them a try. I was in a good state of mind, had no idea how the shrooms would effect me and i just let go and told myself that whatever happens, happens. So i weighed out just under 3 grams (the scale was flashing from 2g to 3g so i knew it was very close to 3 grams). I ate them as is, with some water to wash them down. For some reason i prefer to just eat them by themselves, I haven't tried to make tea or the lemon tek or anything like that. Unlike most i actually don't mind the taste too much. I ate all the mushrooms off the scale except 2 small ones that were left on the scale, at this point the scale read 0. So i decided ultimately that I had had enough.  The time of consumption was around 9:30-9:45. Afterwards I smoked some cannabis to calm myself and prepare. The whole experience is kind of hard to recollect but there are still some moments that i can remember. 

I got on my computer and started playing some grand theft auto v. I chuckled a little bit thinking "what a game to play coming up on mushrooms" but i played for a little bit then got off and layed in my bed. Was probably around 10:00 at this point. Around this time I could start to feel some of the effects, no visuals yet but just some mild stoning effect. So i got on my phone to play some music. I just shuffled my Playlist. For the longest time I just planned on listening to my chill playlist but at the time i just shuffled all my songs together and I'm a pretty avid listener of metal/hardcore music so i was listening to the music awaiting the trip.

It was around 10:45 when a shpongle song came on (I believe it was "the god particle") and I was just laying there and i looked at my closet door which is directly in front of my bed. Staring at it, it began to start slightly moving, the little square pannels on it or whatever you want to call it. My body load was very heavy at this point, as it remained for pretty much until the end of my peak. 

Pretty much from here is a blur but i can remember some points such as when i looked at one of my pillows on my bed and it looked like something was growing out of it. Almost like mushroom pins, all over the side of my pillow. And I remember everything had a red hue to it at one point. One moment that freaked me out for a minute was when my dog was looking at me and of course her face was moving around, like her ears were moving up and down and stuff like that and when i called her over to me i put my hand on her to pet her and she shriveled up, like when death touches something. So i jumped for a minute but she then expanded back to normal and continued to shrink and expand for a little bit. 

Music was still playing, I had some Beatles playing and it really relaxed me, and i ended up listening to the beatles until i started to stop seeing visuals. I stopped seeing visuals at about 12:00-1:00am. I officially fell asleep at about 3:00am and later on that morning at about 8-9am i was awake again and i didn't feel too messed up from the mushrooms. Either my tolerance to mushrooms is a lot higher than most or these mushrooms aren't as potent. As I tried some from the same batch previously (around 1.5g) with no visuals and barely any stoning effect, which is why i consider this my first trip. I look forward to taking a higher dose in the future! I have tried acid and I'm glad to have tried mushrooms as well. As far as which is better, They're very different. Mushrooms were so confusing and such a heavy body load where as acid i had a bit more control of my thoughts and more energy. I like that mushrooms are 100% natural so i know what I'm getting. I still don't know if I had legit LSD. Anyway hope you guys liked it and thanks for giving it a read.

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