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Mushroom tincture + Kratom = Intense!

Saturday morning solo trip netflix and chill with Pee Wee!

    So, Friday I decided I was going to tryout my newly prepared magic mushroom/ kratom tincture. I decided I was going to do a Saturday morning trip and just netflix it up and chill. It would be a good time as I would have the house all to myself. The majority of my trips have been in a group or with my girl or somebody else and I have always tripped at night or during the day. I have had a couple of solo trips but I figure this would be a good change of pace and allow me to self examine and kinda listen to my subconscious. I knew I could handle anything this experience threw at me at I have tripped many time in many different situations. Now, this experience was only about a level 2 in my opinion as tincture was made using mushrooms that are over a year old and there was some potency loss. They were vacuum sealed, wrapped in tinfoil, and placed in the freezer for storage (Freezer would had worked better, especially if I reduced them down to a tincture). BUT, you live and you learn... 

    Mushroom preparation:  
      2.5 grams of penis envy were dehydrated in a food dehydrator, and powdered in a coffee grinder. This powder was mixed with 3 grams of powdered kratom (Borneo red vine) and let sit for 24 hr in a jar with 25 ml of 96% spirytus (strong ass polish alcohol). This was strained through a coffee filter and the process was repeated. The two resulting solutions were combined and filtered through a vacuum filtration set up with a fine pour fritted glass filter disc. After this filtration process the liquid was reduced down to 5ml in a double boiler set up. I drew up my final liquid into a syringe and squirted it into a 7 ml amber glass bottle. The idea behind mixing the mushrooms and kratom was to see if I could create an experience that was more energetic than most mushroom trips. Mushrooms have a tendency to zap your energy and make you lethargic (in my experience) and kratom dose the exact opposite for me. I usually take like 3 grams of kratom when I want to clean my house from top to bottom. Just in case you've ever wondered the difference between the different types of kratom. I have not seen a difference in potency or effect in all the different variety's I have tried. It all kind feels like adderall or low grade coke only without any real bad effects like nausea, or racing thoughts (once again in my experience).  

    The Trip: 
      So i woke up around 9am when my girl had to go to work. After she left I began to prepare for my journey. I filled up a pitcher with filtered water and put it on the table by the couch that I would be 
chillin' on, along with some pretzel chips. I find I get a little hungry and thirsty during the ride down. I turned on the computer, logged into Netflix, grabbed a blanket,  the tincture, a pen and notepad for notes, and my phone to use as a stopwatch.  I first took the tincture at 9:53 am. I started my stopwatch and waited to see exactly how long until I felt the first waves. The body high kicked in at exactly 14 min and 57 sec.  A little while after the body high kicked in I decided to do something else I have never done while tripping, I took a shower.  Standing in the shower I was staring at the marble wall. It started to move around and shape shift. The body high grew to become pretty strong pretty fast. It was kind of nice and relaxing standing in the shower but putting your clothes back on and drying off is a bitch when your fucked up. My overall opinion is tripping in the shower was relaxing, but I'd rather be laying down. After I managed to get dressed I laid down on the couch and turned on PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE. OHHH MY GOD! I LOST MY FUCKING MIND! Watch the new pee wee movie next time your tripping.  I couldn't stop laughing! Defiantly going on my list of movie to trip to. Anyway, while watching this goofy shit the body high grew to such an intensity that I was just stuck there. The kratom didn't have any impact on the sedate feeling you get when tripping whatsoever as far as I could tell. The next thing I observed was that I had pretty intense close eyed visuals but no open eyed visualls at all! Kind of weird not seeing shit with your eyes open while tripping. Totally seemed like a new experience. With my eyes closed I could see all the familiar fractals that I normally see. Funny thing is I always see purple and green fractals that constantly change shape and geometric design while the green parts flash between green and a bright yellow.  I ALWAYS see this and it's usually the first hallucination that I see that let's me know the trip has really begun. About 1 hr 20 min into the movie is about when I felt like I was peaking, Like right at the end. Next I put on JAY AND SILENT BOB'S SUPER GROOVIE CARTOON MOVIE. Another awesome movie choice for tripping. And then I followed that with family guy. I started with the episode where brian dies. It seemed like it lasted sooooo long. It was relay funny and fun to watch but, I notice that i actually started to BECOME OFFENDED BY SOME OF THE HUMOR! Ok, this is definatly not me :) Trust me XD Looking back it's funny. I think I started to over analyze the jokes.  I MEAN THE NON PC INSENSITIVE HUMOR IS WHAT MAKES THE SHOW GREAT! Shrooms turned me into a touchy, wet blanket, pussy temporarily XD. Good shit....

          After thoughts:
      The combination was fun but I don't think I would do it again. I had some racing thought and delusions and just felt so much more confused than normally. I found it harder to just go with the flow because the trip seemed sooooo amplified. I felt like I was back to baseline normal at 3:00PM. Tincture hits harder and is generally a shorter experience. Total trip duration was 4 hr and 50 min. The body high though followed me throughout the rest of the day. I love tincture because I am WAY sensitive to the nausea and usually get crazy temperature fluctuations. The tincture fixes all that and usually makes it so you have more energy to walk around and enjoy the trip more (in my opinion). I'd recomend adding tincture if you want a REALLY intense experience. 

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