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LSD 2 Days In a Row

Surprisingly trippy results

     I had always been told, and assumed it to be common knowledge that dosing LSD the day after a trip is a waste of paper and that it's best to wait somewhere between 3 days and 2 weeks before dosing again. Here's a trip report that proves otherwise.

     My experience with psychedelics is fairly strong. While I've never done a 'heroic' dose, I've had a plethora of very strong LSD and mushroom trips. I've had very intense experiences with 3.5g of mushrooms but never as intense as where two hits of LSD would bring me. I've been getting doses from the same guy for the past 4 years, never eating more than 2 at a time and never re dosing the next day.

     It had been just under a year since my last Psychedelic experience when I decided to get a good 10 strip from my old friend. I decided to start off with one hit to get used to the headspace again, so me and three friends each dosed at around 7 p.m. We were inside, casually smoking some weed and listening to music, within 45 minutes we all started feeling the effects. Lights brightened, surfaces began to flow, and everyone was extremely stoned - a classic low dose of LSD and it was a very enjoyable and social experience. 

     At around 2 a.m the effects significantly died down and I drove back to my house for a good nights rest. I woke up at around 10 a.m feeling a slight afterglow. It was my day off, and while I've never felt the urge to trip two days in a row there was something missing from the trip before, and I was very curious to immerse myself in an intense psychedelic experience since It had been nearly a year since I did so.

      Friends had told me you need to double your dose the next day for noticeable effects so I decided to take 3 hits at around noon and see what would happen.

      I came up surprisingly fast, within 20 minutes I felt very high and had a shit eating grin on my face.

      After 45 minutes I began to have intense OEV's, the ceiling was flowing into beautiful patterns - faces, animals, scenery were all appearing out of these streams. My posters looked as though they hit a wind storm, the edges were flapping against my walls. I have little windowsill sedum plants that I became totally lost in, the plants appeared to grow and move and created amazing geometrical patterns in the leaves.

      My roommate came up with a plate of rice and beans he made and asked if I wanted some. He had an amazing glow surrounding his body, which I notice a lot with both mushrooms and LSD. I gladly accepted and began eating even though I really wasn't hungry

     The rice wouldn't stop moving, it was like there was a sink hole in the middle of the plate that kept rotating the rice, I found it very funny and laughed with each spoonful of rice.

      I stepped outside with my roommate for a cigarette, he said I looked pretty gone and i felt pretty gone too. We have a big oak tree in our front yard which i couldn't stop staring at, the tree had a life of it's own, parts of the tree were melting into each other, the limbs began to wave and a million different faces cycled through the center of the oak. I sat in the grass for a while which was sensational, the grass tickling my feet and legs was sending orgasmic pleasure through my body. My roommate told me to come back inside before the neighbors came back and saw my drugged out ass talking to trees.

      I went up to my bed and threw some headphones in and closed my eyes and relaxed to ride out the trip for a while, the sun was beginning to set and I finally grasped a sense of time. The intense visuals began to die down so i decided to go for a walk as i was still very stimulated and needed to let some energy out.

      I walked around town for a while, went and got a coffee and tried to get back to reality, I got back to the house at around 9p.m and watched some T.V until I fell asleep.

     All in all, I was very surprised with my second day of LSD, time now to definitely take a break and let my mind absorb the experience i had.


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