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3.5g Dried Cubes

Camping wth some buddies and shrooming


3 friends and I went camping together after our final exams. We were all 16 at the time so our camping trip consisted of lots of booze, smokes, weed, and hotdogs. On the second day we decided that we would eat the mushrooms we brought that evening so we would have the comeup and peak during the daylight and comedown as the sun was going down. I had taken 2g doses twice before this so i decided to up it to 3.5. My friend M had never done them so he took 2gs. My friend L had taken LSD before and was eager to trip on mushrooms so he took 3gs. Our other friend T had tried them once or twice before but wasn't a fan so he wasn't participating. We cooked up some chili, let it cool down a bit, tossed our respective doses into our bowls and munched it down.

The Trip

We sat around our little campfire for a while as we waited for them to kick in. I began to get pretty giggly and so did L and M. Our friend T decided that if he was going to have to deal with us tripping he was gonna get super drunk which we protested but he didn't care. We gave in but decided he couldn't fuck with us and if we asked him to stop doing something he would have to listen. For some stupid reason we decided to say "poontang" as a safeword of sorts (this comes into play later). The visuals started to kick in a little and my friends smiles looked slightly stretched out and the branches above me were very interesting. 

We decided to go for a walk as we were getting bored sitting around and we dragged T (who was quite drunk by this point) along with us. While we were walking I started to feel some body load and walking was manageable but was feeling pretty weird. Also, cigarettes felt like they were lasting longer and I couldn't tell if I was too distracted to smoke them or if time was starting to pass slower. We walked to a nearby field and laid down to take a break. At this point we were all coming up pretty strong. I was smiling so much at everything and felt so in awe of everything. The grass was so green and the late afternoon sky was such a deep blue. I was looking at my friends and watching little 'freckles' move around on their faces and everything had a very slight rainbowy shimmer on the edges. T was getting sick of sitting there while we laughed at nothing and couldn't hold a conversation. He started to complain that he was hungry so we walked back to our campsite to get him some food. I'm not sure how long we were in the field but it felt much longer than what it probably was.

T made himself some hotdogs and cracked a couple beers while M, L, and I wandered around the trees. We quickly got bored and dragged T out on another walk. By this time shit was pretty funky. The path ahead seemed to stretch wayyyyyy out in the distance and slightly swayed side to side like a snake. The pine trees all looked perfectly symmetrical and jagged like fractals. I was constantly forgetting I had a cigarette going and it felt like I always had a smoke in my hand. M and I ended up ahead of T and L and I asked if he was enjoying it. He said it was different than he expected but amazing. Out of nowhere I started thinking about all the rocks that made up the gravel path we were on and shared my 'insight' with M. We spent a while blowing our minds about how many rocks there are on the Earth. Eventually he get tired of thinking about such ridiculous stuff and we decided to wait for L and T to catch up. L had basically been laughing to himself the whole time and didn't remember why. He had been laughing so long that he could barely see from his eyes watering so much. T was obviously hammered and was walking even worse than us which we found to be quite entertaining to watch. He was complaining that he was sick of walking so we started to head back to the camp. This time, T and M ended up ahead and I was lagging behind with L. He kept lighting smokes, taking a few drags, getting smoke in his eyes, and tossing his smoke. He ran out and was bugging me for smokes but I didn't want him wasting all mine to so I refused.

Once we got back to the campsite we were tripping pretty hard and T got even more drunk. T and L decided that we should go to the beach and I felt like it would be quite an adventure so I tagged along. M wanted to stay back and lie down so I gave him my phone and played some Pink Floyd for him so he could lay down and trip out for awhile. On the walk to the beach I had my towel draped over my head and if I pulled it to one side my whole vision would follow in slow motion and wobble into place. We got to the beach and it was full of families which we really didn't expect. We sat at a bench while we contemplated if we should swim or not. The water looked soooo amazing and the sun was getting low so it was simmering on the water. T was being obnoxious and chain smoking in front of all the kids which we got some dirty looks for. T and I decided to go in and L sat on the end of the dock. I waded in a little but decided not to go past my chest. T was splashing around like an idiot but I ignored him. As I stared out across the lake I got hit by a bit of a second peak and each simmery ripple in the water looked like a white diamond with an eye in it. The clouds appeared to be in a grid and identical with a very obvious rainbow glow around them. I saw the moon really big in the sky but I'm not even sure if it was out. I looked at the water around me and I was watching strange dark fractal-like shadows moving around me but I wasn't scared, just fascinated. L was getting sketched out by all the people so he told us we should leave. We convinced T to leave with us. As we were drying off and getting our things T started messing with us and being loud so we tried to use our safeword I mentioned earlier. We got some very strange look from the people within earshot as we started harshly whispering "poontang" over and over but he eventually stopped. We got out of there so fast after that but they probably thought we were all just stupid drunk teenagers (which 1/3 of us was).

Back at the camp we checked on M and he had been laying down and enjoying the music the whole time but he said it felt like we were gone for hours. As the sun was setting we all slowly came down as we sat around our fire again and compared stories of what had gone on in our trips. Once we had comedown enough and regained our appetites we cooked up some hotdogs. Then we joined T and drank and sang and had a good time. 

Overall this was my favourite trip. My only regret was that I didn't lay down to really take advantage of the inner reflection but it was just pure fun and adventure.

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