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A healing St Patrick's Day

2 guys, 1.5g each.

Hey all'ya'all. Peace love and all that.

I started growing my own cubes this year and started getting fruit recently. I had a few cakes working for me and got a bunch of flushes from them. 

Before I had my own fruit, I had been eating mushrooms almost every weekend for the previous couple months. The ones I had been getting were almost twice as strong as any I had gotten previous to finding this dealer. Although I love mushrooms and they have brought a lot of personal healing to my life, I was definitely abusing them those couple months. I started feeling a little less mentally stable and remembered reading in a post one time "if you abuse mushrooms, they'll abuse you back." I took it as a message and decided that I needed to have patience for my own fruit to grow. I was treating lightly something that is dangerous to underestimate.

This brings me to a recent experience. My cakes had been producing only a few mushrooms every flush (250ml cakes, alien tek) and after a few weeks I had 4 grams dried. I had been saving them to share with my best friend who is also into shrooms because we haven't tripped together often. It was St Patrick's day and he was working that night. He texted me at 7pm and said he'd call me soon so I popped some House of Cards and waited for the phone to ring. It didn't lol. Liquor store where I live closes at 10pm and it was 9 and I hadn't picked up anything for the night, so I had to catch the bus and get there before it closed. I picked up a pint of vodka (yuck, but it was on sale) and called another buddy who lived close to the store. He invited me over and so I dropped in (my roommates were all at his place already) and chilled with all my friends who were playing beer pong and carrying on. I still hadn't heard from my best friend and he wasn't responding to my texts or calls so I called my other buddy (we'll call him John) to see what he was saying. 

He was at his house with friends but was having a rough night. His uncle had just passed away form alcohol poisoning that night and he got the news while he was tripping on acid. I knew that I should be there for him so I caught the bus to his place. He had a bunch of people over who were all tripping on cid and doing m (he wasn't doing m). He was in a lethargic mood and talked to me about his uncle and his own problems with drinking. A lot of the people there were pretty negative druggy kids (don't work, don't take care of themselves, believe everything they read, sad kids with contagious issues) and I knew that the "setting" was not vary positive. I could tell and I was pretty much sober except for 2 beer, it must have sucked for him tripping. So I asked if he wanted to go for a walk and chill at my place and maybe play some n64. He agreed that it was a good idea and as soon as we got out of the house he started feeling better. He said being in there felt like being trapped in a prison for what seemed like forever, which I totally understood. 

As we walked down the street I put on my bluetooth speaker and played some positive tunes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDC97j6lfyc 
This song was written by a kid with cancer before he died. I used to struggle with depression before mushrooms found me and this song always cheered me up.
He suggested we go to the park. I offered to split my mushrooms with him and he agreed. So I came up with the game plan.

We headed back to my place, I whipped up a vegetable berry smoothy for us to get something in his stomach and give us some energy. Made some coffee, crumbled up a cake and made tea. We drank the tea and started walking to the park. I brought my guitar and a flashlight. The tea didn't hit us so I took out the mushrooms and we washed them down with a beer. We started walking through the park and came to an area that used to be a fort (historical site) the mushrooms started to come up. They weren't all that strong, but they were just the right amount, gentle yet present. It was a overcast cold night and the clouds were lit up with light pollution from the near by shipyard. We talked and walked along the trail for a while til we got to the water front. He started to feel queezy and said he might throw up. He's thrown up the past couple times he did shrooms, but I encouraged him to keep them down explaining that the nausea is often all in your head. (He didn't throw up, which he was pumped about. I gave him a high five) We found a bench and strummed a few cords on my guitar and watched the sun peak up over the horizon. I left him on the bench and walked up to the water. The dim grey light was boring yet beautiful at the same time. Everything was shifting and more defined then normal, but I was more focused on my inner experience. My mind was racing in a million directions, which it always is even when I'm sober, and I just stopped myself and started focusing on my breath. I felt at peace. I went back to the bench and played some more on the guitar before our hands started getting too cold and we decided to walk home. It started to get light out and rain heavily. We got back to my place and I made some tuna casserole (macaroni, tuna, cream of mushroom soup, delicious) for us. I fed him and we talked about our lives and how lucky we are to be kind and positive level headed young men, and how we have our parents to thank for it. He thanked me for being there for him and gave me a hug and went on his way. 

I decided that my mycelium had done it's duty, so I thanked it (silly but I like talking to living things, animals, plants, fungi, etc.) and took it to the woods and buried it. I stood there for a moment and reflected on the night. I try not to think of mushrooms as drugs, but rather as food for the soul. But they need to be respected.

He called me this week and thanked me again for the other night. I was moved and pumped that my mushrooms had done some good for someone. I started growing them because they helped me so much and I wanted to have enough to share with others.

I think it's important to be there for our friends and to just listen rather then try to give advice.

Thanks for taking the time to read my report :)

Peace, and be well.


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