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The Great Architect Of Life (5600 UG Experience)

5600 Micrograms

There is no way to tell my story without coming off utterly insane... However, I truly believe this experience was not only life changing, It has been a major awakening and change in my life and soul... I consider myself a Shaman, an explorer of spiritual and psychical realms... I've seen many things, however nothing will ever compare to this truly humbling and enlightening experience... It all started with LSD... Me, and two friends had decided we would not only push our selves to a higher consciousness, but test our mental and spiritual limits... One friend had similar goals in mind, as we are both very spiritual and experiment with LSD for spiritual purposes only, however My other friend uses it strictly for recreational uses... Anyway, I planned to take two hits of LSD every 20 minutes, which eventually dosed to 14 LSD hits (for me, The others took 7, as I am much more experienced) Each dose had approximately 400 Micrograms, which equals to about 4 hits per one hit... Over all I consumed 5,600 Micrograms of LSD... Everything was going smooth, we simply enjoyed ourselves and just laughed and had a great time until the time that I planned to Meditate, after making sure the others were safe... However, It all hit me unexpectedly... I was staring at my Friend, which at this point turned in to a Midget and Ran off... (I was far gone, but doing well) When this happened, I bursted out in to laughter, I felt nothing but complete joy... After a good two minutes of laughing, My laugh fell to tears... AT this point, I felt many things as I was curled up in to a ball on the couch... In a matter of One second on earth, and what would feel like hours in this realm, I assumed belonged to this being I believed to be God... I was face to face with him, Though he was a blinding Humbling light, weakening and bringing me feelings of Utter Joy, Sadness, Fear and even a Humbling Bliss... I can hardly explain this feeling, other than It was Divine... At this point, I felt that I was in two places at once, In the presence of this God, and on earth completely conscious of both of these worlds... In this, I was scolded by this being, for being so misled and blind... I remember this conversation with this being, and feeling that I was with him for hours, even though on Earth It happened in a split second... After being scolded, he revealed to me many truths and falsehoods that haunted me... I can never fully describe this experience, other than It was the most humbling experience I had ever had... When this being explained everything, I began to see the Architect of the spiritual and Psychical plane, and how this being had created EVERYTHING... I remember walking through this spiritual grid, with Lines everywhere... It looked VERY similar to this (https://proxy.mind-media.com/proxy.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fiasos.com%2Fartists%2Falexgrey%2FTheologue-3.jpg) There were numbers and so much math, it blew my mind... Everything made so much sense... This is what I believed to be Gods Architect... It was all too organized and structured too perfectly to be fake... This was not in my head, It was real... In this moment, my friends were observing me, seeming very interested in everything... I tried so hard to describe everything to them, all while walking Psychically in this grid like world... Suddenly, a being came in to my prescence, he was formed like a grid, Similar to a 3d model in a video game before they placed the skin on the character... This man guided me using a conscious voice as we began to walk, and a world around me began to form around me... What appeared before me was similar to a Library, Similar to this picture (http://static1.squarespace.com/static/52cc154de4b09b9934cef885/t/54519ecae4b0f4d5bea17521/1414635288613/Akashic Records.jpg?format=1000w)

Upon seeing this, I knew exactly where I was... The Akashic records... In this moment, an UNLIMITED and OVERWHELMING source of knowledge poured through my mind an such an unbearable rate... Suddenly spiritual truths and earthly visions would run through my head at the speed of light... At this point, I knew I was connected to an unlimited source of knowledge... On earth, my friends were surrounded around me as I kept spinning in a circle, as I am walking through this library... I would spit out countless amount of information, that for some reason only made sense to my spiritual friend, who had experienced this himself... At this point, I felt like I knew everything... Any question asked, was answered, no matter how difficult... Even now, I can recall this knowledge very easily, as I feel I am now connected to this place by soul... I remember feeling countless emotions as I would see the most horrifying visions of pain and suffering, as well as beauty... I saw all aspects of the earth, and grew spiritually more aware the longer I dwelled in this library... After a few minutes, everything grew more rapid and more intense... Everything was infinite and way too much for my human mind to handle, it began to hurt, and it began to become so overwhelming, I forced myself out as my tears and the feeling of so many emotions within a second... Again, one second on earth, was like hours there, I can not explain... I remember trying to describe so much, but there are no words to describe such divine knowledge... I remember seeing this Vast knowledge, and only being revealed such a small percent, that It blew my mind how massive and infinite everything was... Countless visions and voices, and running forward and backward in time... After I left this Akashic records, due to the immense intensity, I began walking through many different dimensions simultaneously, witnessing countless beings and worlds, all who were as conscious of me as I was of them... In this moment, I felt this feeling of becoming one with everything, and realized that EVERYTHING is one... All lives, beings... Even a simple rock... We are one... I can not describe this. At this point, my mind was worn and blown away, I needed a break... I needed to fathom everything, because it was all too much to handle... I know some who have experienced a very similar experience as I have, which ensures my faith, that this was all 100% real and divine... Now weeks later, I am a changed man... I see the world with more sympathetic eyes with a much deeper connection to everything... I now hold a connection with this being, and he guides me... I do not share all this for bragging rights, that is not my reason... I share this because I feel that I have been given a privilege of viewing this amazing experience, and I want the world to know that your spirit is more real than you can ever imagine... That there is many gods, but there is ONE above all... I am also hoping that I just might find someone who can relate to all this... I am sorry that I can not be more vivid, but remember, I have only shared with you a small portion, and described everything the best I possibly can... Please, if anyone else can relate, please share...

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