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Two Hits of LSD

Two friends take LSD in the woods

Two Tabs of LSD

The time had finally come.  After weeks of anticipation, matt was back in town and we were fully prepared. Two weeks prior we managed to find four tabs of LSD and now it was only a matter of set and setting.  Saturday march 20th 2016 9:30 am I receive a phone call from Matt, he's awake and getting ready as i am.  I tell him to back his bag with warm cloths and to come over around 10:00am or so, then continue with preparations.  Matthew arrives at my house shortly and lets himself in.  Together we go over all the items we brought as well as things we might need.  We came to the conclusion that we would (come up) in the snowy wooded are behind my house.The time is 10:30am and we decided that all we had to do now was put the handshake under our tongues, I tare us off two tabs each.  I tell Matt“Theres no going back now!”  We then exchange a grin and continue dropping the LSD tabs beneath our tongues.  On the way out the I grab a few snacks and explain to my mom that we’d be going out for a “hiking adventure” then peace out. 

Its a short walk from my house to  field and not much further to the woods. We decided on a suitable location which was parallel with a large fallen tree. across from us was a small triangular fence.  Wile we were settling into our chosen spot, Matt spotted two plastic lawn chairs not fifteen meters from where we were sitting. Was it a sign? Thats open to interpretation.  I positioned my chair across from his but later change my mind and move it next to Matt and smoked a big bole.  Some time had passed and we were approaching the plateau, during which Tame Impala’s Currents album playing through my bluetooth speaker. 

It was only a matter of time until the both of us were quite positive we were experiencing our plateau.  At that point, Matt was describing his sensations which consisted of intensified colours and complex geometric patterns such as honeycombs in the sky and bugs crawling up the trees.  The visuals I was seeing weren't as intricate as Matts, but I was feeling very alive and a overwhelming connectedness with the trees, almost familial in nature.  We found ourselves climbing trees and exploring for what felt like hours. During this time I was getting cold but i wasn't uncomfortable. Matt and i were bouncing new ideas and cool concepts off each other like a game of ping pong, we were very euphoric at this time.  

At about 2:30pm we vote in favour of changing up our surrounding by emerging from the woods. This took a considerable amount off time for obvious reasons.  I remember being at the ecotone of the wood witch fades into the snowy field and thinking that we were lost because the field looked like a big hill to both of us.  Fortunately we made our way back to my house but only to find my mom laying on the couch by the front door watching TV.  Failing to to communicate, an alarming feeling comes over me as I'm seated on the floor trying without much success to take my boots off.  Meanwhile Matt is freaking out laughing so I hurry down to the basement.  

I turn off all the lights in my room and plugged my music into the speakers so we could relax and enjoy our trip.  We ended up looking out my basement window and people watching for a long time.  We were watched an unidentified man approach my neighbours door and just speculated about what they were saying to one another, their emotions and intentions.  Some time passes and the guy turns around and looks right at us.  We jumped away from the window and burst into a laugh riot.  “He definitely saw us” Matt said.  I was sure of it.

Matt proposed that we go for a walk and have a smoke, so we did. We walked dow to a park in my neighbourhood and sparked up numerous bowls. At this point we were coming down off the peak but it were still euphoric.  There was a guy who we thought was a girl watching us from the other side of the park so we fled the scene and went back home.  For the rest of the trip, we spent the time watching Vice documentary until 12:00am when matt decided he would drive himself back home. 


All in all this was an amazing experience.  We both agreed that the location we picked could not have been any better.  The only thing I would like to see next time is some nicer weather and a couple more tabs.

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