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What have I done??

Okay, I'm new to this form and have been reading some of the trip reports. I figured that I should add one of SWIMS most intense and possibly bad expirences He has had with psychedelics.  I sad possibly bad because Swim has never had a full on bad trip before but I do believe this was the closest Hes ever been. If it was not for some very high purity MDMA and a few drinks I don't think SWIMS mind would have remained intact.

Okay let's start off with the ground work, he had been working in the rave scene for about 2 years as a promoter/shaman/provider of psycho-active chemicals and in correlation had been well accustomed of how to think and act on high does of psychedelic compounds. Also was a frequent uses of LSD and so tolerance was a bit higher than normal. Dosage was somewhere between 1200ug-2500ug. Add on to that about a half oz of marijuana for anxiety, about a quarter of a gram of mdma for eliminating bad feelings, and a few shots of high volume grain alcohol. Okay now without anymore unnecessary babble let me start the time line.

T00:  FOAM PARTY!!! Nothing can be more exciting than these, and with a month or two of advanced notice, how could SWIM even get through the day at his lousy unnecessary job without a few tokes and  his iPod lol.  He had a job due to probation and altough he hated it he never missed a shift.( today his morels bothering him, as this shift dragged on forever.) one of his fellow employees had over head him on  his cell during a cigarette break and had asked to come along. Of course SWIM didn't mind as long as there was space in the car. the more the merrier. Also swim never drove while tripping so he had setup a ride to and from the rave and expected to be picked up from work in about one hour. Without a second thought SWIM gave his co-worker two hits of the dancing bears greatful dead blotter, and received four for himself as his last trip was less than a month ago, and he wanted the dosage to be potent. These blotter although not the highest purity was heavily laid (100-200ug depending on the piece) good for a fully immersive trip. Up until this night SWIM had preferred the purple to orange crystal because lower doses produced stronger visuals and therefor sold for a higher price. At the time he was more or less only about his bottom line. We went back in and finished our shifts.

T45:  We were let out about 15 mins early which meant our ride wouldn't be here for about 25 more mins and SWIM could see the effect taking hold on his new trip partner. Pupils dilated and slightly uneasy SWIM reminded him that we were going to a foam party in an abandoned building, excitement visibly filled his mind as SWIM herded him back to the dumpster to "take the edge off" with a spliff large enough to pronounce the effects of the marijuana. After a short time my phone buzzed and our ride was waiting for us outside the front door. We wandered down the hill and approached the car from the back clearly setting the driver off guard who was slightly on edge due to the amount of lsd that SWIM had left in his car the night before to avoid having to take it to work. After scolding me for sneaking up on him he realized that SWIM too had decided to indulge in a psychedelic expirence tonight as well and laid off. And we were off!

T2hours: we have arrived and the acid is kicking in nicely for both SWIM and his coworker. Swim takes out a vial of liquid and give his driver a small dose to remind his new tripping partner that they have all taken it. His coworker seems visibly relieved. It is about this time SWIM notices exaggerated movement in his periffial vision along with that all too common body tension that come with purple crystal lsd. ( could be attributed to the low concentration of cyanide in morning glory seed extracts.) SWIM and friend enjoy a few more marijuana cigarettes and has his driver roll up a few more blunts before leaving the car.  

T245. SWIM is very anxious to get inside he feels his skin about on the breaking point and visuals are on the point of debilitation. The laughing in the back seat has failed to bring amusement but has kept SWIM attached to the situation at hand. We ready, he asks breaking what he now realizes is clearly silent car. His words echo in slight pulses of color in his closed eyes. Yea his driver replies handing SWIM a perfectly rolled cigarillo. Heavily anticipating the rave, SWIM grabs his backpack and moves his drugs from the lockbox to his sock carefully choosing which pieces of candy he wants to eat tonight and which pieces and what ways he would like to sell them. 1 vial of lsd potentially 1000hits (roughly 1200000ug) one gram of over 90% pure mdma and a quarter once of marijuana. Little to the parties knowledge SWIM would end up selling nothing tonight.

T3hours. SWIM and friend sneak into the rave the whole building is filled with bubbles and the scene appears to be a mass of blue cave with people running in and out of them. SWIM asks his driver to watch his new friend and heads to the bathroom to drip his liquid on cubes as he had freaks to serve. He reached into his sock to remove his items, taking first the mdma and taking a finger dip. Then removing the weed. He noticed the bag was stickey, being in a psychedelic state he tasted the substance which tasted distinctly of lsd. Panicked he took the vial out of his sock and realized the cap wasn't tight. He immediately removed his sock and washed his foot in the sink. Unaware of what was about to happen he found he friends and filled them in on the situation and gave them his backpack and acid to hold.

T4hours believe the first peak was coming on digging my way trough the bubbles every now and the someone who would recognize me would say some inaudible Words. It's just the bass SWIMS mind would reason desperately trying to hold onto reality. Every bass note filled my vision with pulses of brilliant colors. 

T5-6??? SWIM realizes he is in trouble his body is surging with numbness to the point of believing he may well have taken too much acid. Skin ripping sensations filled his body as the same brilliant constantly changing aquatic colors filled his vision making it very difficult to discern weather he was standing or sitting. His thoughts were becoming jumbled and he kept forgetting where he was what he was doing, and what the loud or rather strong vibrations around him were coming from.(rave music and a massive speaker system in a small basement.) with his last grip of consensiousness he tells himself he need to get upstairs and smoke he takes another small scoop of mdma to help with his fear and anxiety and stands up to head up the stairs.

T?? Eventually he had made it to the smoking section, he could see the smoke before he reached it the entities swirling around it had very interesting colors around and on them but one entity stood out and he made his way over to him. SWIM? The entity said, is that you. Groundbreaking achievement He felt the weight of his body tension leap for a second leaving a feeling of bliss. I barley knew who or what was happening but SWIM KNEW he was safe. He had a short conversation about God knows what before I told him I was scarred and needed help. I remember him saying something like well this isn't the best place to peak, come with me.  He took what SWIM thought was his arm or his hand and led him to the door. Walking down the steps the feeling of euphoria continued to grow until the building, or my frame of vision collapsed in front of me filling what felt like everything with racing colors of liquid which eventually distilled and slowed to a singular image of the point in Pittsburgh which in the next moment I was watching the sunrise. After a few seconds/minutes/time of complete bliss a jolt of panic ran trough him. My friends my ride the rave I yelled. I talked to your them they are still there coming off there trips. We all knew you needed a second to recover I'll take you back in a short time. Enjoy the sunrise. SWIM had never seen a more beautiful day. The resulting effects lasted the rest of the day into the night but the peak was over and SWIM was sure ready to write off lsd for a very long time.

T14hours roughly from first dose Swim returns to friends and goes home to relax until his mind allows him to sleep drinking away the day at his friends pool.

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