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psilocybe azurescens

I waited for psychedelic mushrooms for two years before eating them, but this was my first mushroom experience in Belize. Psilocybe doesn't grow in Belize, but I hope one day it does. After forgetting about everything that I read about, I ate these mushrooms in a mushroom field in Belize shortly after looking at law, which means I had the law book in my hand as I ate the four beautifully golden capped mushrooms in a field. I came up to my room where I immediately felt that the mushrooms I ate were special because the mushrooms told me that they were particularly pleased I did that, already speaking to me, not to mention they were particularly perfect in every way...the right decision. I immediately put on some pink floyd to set the mood as the sicker (like a surfer would say) mushrooms that looked like someone had sprayed acid on them, sculpted some type of future for myself and my race that anxiously without the one in the eschaton. Azurescens, I thought to myself, is what they remind me of, but I know why because I've really been hoping to try them. I thought these were psilocybe azurescens look-a-likes as I experienced the typical weariness that is common stressing over whether or not they were too poisonous or not mushrooms, but I don't know what the active molecule was in them, but there wasn't a bad reaction from them.  When pigs three different ones came on, for sure I knew it was a similar trip to psilocybin I was feeling from those four mushrooms that were perfectly put there in the right dose, probably about two eighths.

Next, comfortably numb made me feel euphoric like lightning pulsating through my arms. Pulsating. Pulsating. I could barely contain my joy and enthusiasm. This was a rare type of mushroom that my family valued and knew grows in the field, but never find often. I felt like I was on ecstacy the whole time. These fleeting thoughts led me to view the future as ominous and out to sea one more time on mushrooms was the only thing I ever wanted to be. I've never even tried ecstacy. Peyote didn't substantiate, substantiate means something a guy said to me, and I even felt that way, my eyes mostly, and I've never tried peyote. My whole race was trying to survive the future in the electric pulses of pink floyd's guitar. It seemed the conundrums I faced were being engaged by these electrical currents in a phantasmagoria behind my eyelids of scenes being acted out in song by these mushrooms, potentiating in sensory manipulation I had never seen before. I ate the mushroom and I to survive. I've never tried heroin and it even felt like heroin. The mushroom didn't speak, it was a person in the form of a mushroom and they're not even black. I am black. I can't find psilocybin is what I thought because I fell on my head with a squeal the first time I ate mushrooms in America being sent to jail and fighting george w. bush the rest of the time I got out, busted my ear out because some white kid wanted to have sex where I had sex and he gave up being president to see me not have sex with that particular girl again and to me, it seems like he asked the president at the time how he could have sex with her likeness and that president began ruining my life. I talked about that girl, but the only reason I lost her was because I thought I thought of everything, but I hadn't.

Early that morning, I saw these mushrooms and I was stalking them like a dragon man stalking his prey hoping some animal or creature didn't eat it before I did. The African Serengeti is where I transported my mind for a second. It's kill or be killed like animals on the Serengeti would think and brad pitt and matt damon is who I'm talking about. Learning to fly is all I was trying to come up with, but brad pitt and matt damon keep trying to stop me. All I wanted to say on these mushrooms was, "turn it up, game on!" Can I fly? I felt love from the mushroom field and a puppy licked my hand and it felt love for me. I wrote this trip report after the trip because I had technical difficulties and five days later here I am writing this to salvage what feelings I had during it and what was happening, but knowing I've been challenged by brad pitt and matt damon, I cancelled their challenge of me and permanently cancelled them in the future. I prove it. I'm pissed off that I hate that race, but it isn't me it's just the eschaton. Solar mushrooms that don't have an effect other than threshold that normally grow in this field aren't sending me to outerspace, but I keep trying to understand myself and my mushroom in the circle of life. It's a mad dash to outerspace and outerspace can't see you come to it unless you give it your all out. Go! Happy way.

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