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Bad Chemistry!

I came to school after having smoked about 3 grams of really good weed, so I was already pretty baked out.

I came to school after having smoked about 3 grams of really good weed, so I was already pretty baked out. I was floating around and shit, but that's not really the story.
Not wanting to come down, I skipped my first and second period classes to go look for some drugs. My dealer said she had no weed, but she'd just gotten some bitchin' shrooms. I bought 2 grams off her and dropped them the next period - which was lunch - with some orange juice.
As soon as the shrooms started to hit, the period was over and I had to go to Chemistry. I figured I'd go to my locker to get my books.
Oh shit! I can't find my locker! I'm wandering around the halls, I'm trying to open lockers that aren't mine, and I CAN'T FIND IT!
So I give up. I walk upstairs and go into class and sit down next to my friend Mike, who's my lab partner. Suddenly, all the test tubes start morphing like they're in some kind of lava lamp or something! I'm staring at the test tubes and I hear Mike talking to me and the teacher talking too.
I pry my eyes away from the test tubes and look at my teacher who is holding a test tube! For some reason, this is an amazing coincidence to me, but Mike doesn't seem to get it when I try to explain.
Now we're doing a lab. I guess that was what the teacher was saying before, when I was staring at the test tubes.
Mike's pouring chemicals around and shit, and he tells me to put some of this stuff into an eyedopper. The stuff is clear, like water, so I put it in the eyedropper and start squirting it around. Now Mike's laughing and calling me an idiot. He says that the stuff in the eyedropper is diluted hydrochloric ACID! But I keep squirting it around anyway, because it's funny.
Now my teacher is coming over. I start looking really serious and doing my work and shit, but he sees the pools of clear stuff on the desk. When he asks what it is, I say that it's grape juice. Now my teacher is confused. He tells us to clean it up, then leaves.
Hey! The bunsen burner's on! I stare at the flame, looking deeper and deeper into it until I can see shapes dancing in the middle.
Class is over. I've been staring at the bunsen burner for about 20 minutes. Mike is laughing at me and asking where he can get weed. All I can say is;
"Shrooms, man. Shrooms."
And then I went downstairs and walked home. Which is almost a 30 minute walk away.

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