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Heroic dose

3rd time tripping bad trip turns good in the end

Don't be intimidated by the long post laugh and learn from my mistakes lol

This was my third time So I ate the 5 dried grams. I was going to take a quick shower but my mom started talking to me and I got caught up, about 40 minutes in I start yawning I notice this is kinda on its way up so I told her "sorry but this is gonna kick in and I need to go to the basement" so I go down I roll a blunt (hands were a little shaky) and proceed to smoke, half way through the blunt my step father comes down to smoke his already prepared blunt. After the blunt I'm just high as hell and I feel the strong euphoria but no visuals and it's at the 1hr -1hr20min mark. He asks me how I'm doing, I said "this is cool but it's nothing like they portray it to be where you see a unicorn throwing up a rainbow or anything like that. It's all hyped up only way to see anything is if you close your eyes." (Treasure your mistakes" -Terence ) So he starts talking to me about a funny story about him and his friend fixing the clutch for his motorcycle and I'm just sitting very still looking at him hearing him speak. About 20minutes in to the convo all of a sudden in the blink of an eye for just a split second everything goes black except there's a demon in an all black cloak with purple trimming sitting in front of me where he's supposed to be sitting, but the hood is covering his eyes but I can see a smirk. Then I blink again and this time I'm zoomed up right in his face and see his eyes blink and they are completely black his pupils are now just a red "omega" symbol and his eyelids looked burned and his skin black like charcoal. I blinked again in astonishment and everything is back to normal, his still talking and I'm trying to process what just happened, scared but not trying to let him know so I don't lose my shit, I take a deep breath and as I exhale my grey floor turns purple starting from the edge of the wall towards me. COMPLETELY PURPLE FLOOR IN 1 sec. So I look at him and as I'm saying "I think I did too much" the white wall in the back turns completely royal blue from the ground up and I notice kaleidoscope patterns on the wall I try not to focus on it by looking at him but now he seems yellow and blue at the same time with weird patterns flowing through his skin like the famous "starry night" painting. I get up and say oh shit I did too much! And again everything is back to normal, but the fear is on 1000. He suggest I go eat something so I rush upstairs heat up my Chinese food and try to eat but for some reason I don't feel like I can swallow the food down and the mushrooms completely take the appetite away for me. I asked my mom how long ago did I eat them she says the most terrifying thing "about 40minutes ago or like 1 hr at most. This intensifies my fear because I know I'm going to have a long night. Im sitting in the living room trying to watch tv to try to resist it but my beige wall behind the tv is now extremely bright yellow flowing like and ocean as if the sun is shining on it but it's 9pm and dark out. So I'm just saying "this is so weird" over and over, I was just thinking it in my head but as I thought I spoke, I could no longer just think "in my head" time stops in a way that's unexplainable, soooooooo slow So I'm tripping balls and say ok this is not working I have a plan! A cold shower! I take a quick shower to which I'm talking loudly "I don't want to see anything I want my mind back I want a refund take ur receipt I don't want to see anything I don't wanna hear it" this loops over and over for 10 minutes or so. After the shower I feel better but after 2 minutes of thinking ok I'm fine, a wave hits me again so I try to ask my cell phone for help because I can't type on the computer so I ask Siri "how can I come down from a mushroom high?" To which the Siri replies" interesting question" this went on 5x before I cursed at my cellphone and thought well I can't die so just chill. I try to go play ps4 some call of duty but I'm talking to myself loudly saying " just chill ur not seeing anything just ride it out and enjoy it and I laugh at myself for tweaking and then a wave hits and I'm like I don't wanna see anything" again G this loops for about 30mins or more then I say f**k Terence McKenna this too strong for me a**hole!!!  and I went to my closet took my 2 grow bags with tiny mushrooms just starting to grow out and completely destroyed them and said I'll never do shrooms again I came back to the room to play some more and this looped over about two more times after about 3hrs after I consumed them I felt like I just couldn't fight it anymore and I didn't see anything else with open eyes so I decided to lay down and sleep this off cuz I knew I should be coming down. As I lay down, as soon as I closed my eyes and relaxed I felt like I got launched out and saw an alien face with geometric colorful patterns in the background the alien didn't say anything the detail was so sharp, he just kind of looked at me and tilt his head side ways and telepathically said" this is what you wanted this is it, nothing to be afraid "and he nodded to his left and I got launched again but this time I was the center of light like a bright star with clouds around me  I felt like I was floating and felt like the best thing ever then the last thing I remember was being in some sort of roller coaster in a checkerboard floor instead of rails and then I woke up the next day, mad at myself for destroying the mushrooms and mad that I was holding on to my ego when in the end it was the most coolest experience. I still didn't like that demon part though but I think I'll stick to 3.5-4g for now and slowly build up . This taught me a few things, prepare EVERYTHING before tripping, (shower,weed,setting) and have the utmost respect for the mushroom don't bad mouth and underestimate especially after 5g talking so ignorant like me saying "this isn't what it's hyped up to be" 

I hope someone experienced took the time to read this long trip report, this was supposed to be regular mushrooms the caps where gold so I want to say they where gold caps  but I'm not sure if many species have that trait I'm not sure what strain it was or anything 

IMPORTANT: I just want to know if that's a normal 5g dose reaction, is that a level 5? Or are those mushrooms weak?  Tho the experience was strong I'm 5,6 143lbs 9%body fat. The guy was on vacation for a month before he came back and got me these I'm not sure if his preservation method was up to par. My thoughts are 5g should have been unable to resist it but I kind of was able to hold on after the demon in the beginning of the trip.

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