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First Time Taking Shrooms

2g unknown strain

First time taking shrooms, First post.
Having never taken any psychedelic/hallucinogen before, i was exited to begin a journey into the world of shrooms. I had decided to go with my friends to the woods after taking the SAT that morning, putting the fungi in a peanut butter sandwich and eating it on the ride there. I had decided not to eat much before to try to enhance the trip but i'm not sure if it did anything.  Around half an hour after finishing the sandwich, I started to feel light and almost buzzed as if i had been drinking, we start to walk into the woods and i begin to feel waves of euphoria,  We get to an appropriate spot to stop and roll a joint.  I set up my hammock to lay in and we take turns sitting in it.  I begin to lose sense of time checking my phone over and over to find that no time had passed each time i put it away and took it back out. Eventually i just put it in my backpack and forgot about it while we listened to American Beauty.  I start to see some mild visual effects, mostly double vision with tracers and things become slightly distorted. I also found myself yawning a lot as if i zone out and each time i come back its through a yawn.  We sat there for a few hours before we walk back which even though we walked along the exact same path as the way in, felt a hell of a lot longer and much more foreign than the first time.  After, one of my friends and I went to see the school play which was a requirement for our acting class. However, it meant we got in for free. I was at that point back to normal but my eyes remained dilated for hours which was slightly uncomfortable in a public scene but nobody said anything.  Overall not as intense as i expected but still very fun. I think ill make a tea next time and up the dose to an eighth.
Thanks for reading and comments/advice are always appreciated!

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