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Babys First Trip...

Hey, what's up, fellow Shroomerites?

Hey, what's up, fellow Shroomerites?
Well, as the name would suggest, this report is all about my very first "trip". The dose-I have no idea. I would say, close to two and a half grams. Maybe three. Two and a half sounds right. Anyways, a couple buddies of mine had been talking about doing these 'shrooms for quite a while. They even phoned me up a couple of times during that week while under the influence...it was quite humorous to listen to..

*Ring, Ring!*

me- *hello?*

them- *uhhh huhhuhuhuhu hehehehehe hey man...oh hey...look man*

me- *what? hey man..what's up?*

them- *hee hee...WHOA!! HAHAHAHAHA the shoe walked down the stairs all by HAHAHHAHAHA all by itself! What the fuck?! hahaha...*

me- *click*

Needless to say, I became verrry interested in these little bastards. So, one friday at school, I was handed a bag with one frighteningly large stem and one big-ass cap, with various other pieces of cap and some powder. My two trip buddies, we'll call them A and D, decided to eat theirs during last period. They each had a little more than me. I waited until we were walking back to A's house after school to munch. I was kind of turned off by the smell of the little mushies..but the taste wasn't so unpleasant at the time...i convinced myself i was eating two-day-old popcorn or something.
So, fifteen minutes pass....nothing. No nausea. No funny feelings. No strange thoughts. Just A and D laughing their asses off, and me waiting impatiently for something to happen. Then we get back to A's place. It's dark in the basement. The strobe light is on. We walk into the basement..starting to feel funny..not sick, just funny... B, A's brother, talks to me for a bit. He tells me he's stoned and he asks if we did mushrooms today. I don't remember how long we talked for, but by the end of our conversation I was grinning from ear to ear and I was laughing almost uncontrollably. We moved the strobe light into A's room and I tried to play some video games. N64's golden eye to be exact. (if you haven't played it, it's a damn shame.)
That proved too difficult...my whole body is feeling very warm, yet i'm shivering... I don't know why that is.
I sat for a while with the strobe light off and just looked at the screen, very wierd ideas popping in and out of my head faster than I can comprehend them. From here on, I'd say I was only a good forty minutes into my trip, and everything was getting fucking crazy. No shit...
B came into the room and I asked where A and D were..he said they were talking on the phone. I asked why. He asked if I was on mushrooms.. I said "yeah, I already told you I am... " He didn't believe me. Just then I noticed he wasn't looking very normal. Oh yeah! The strobe light. We turn off the lights, turn on the strobe and sit. That was crazy. B shaking his head around and head banging to no music was insane in that light... he was moving his arms around like mad and he got really, REALLY big... almost like a big ferocious dog hovering over me, ready to attack... the light was flashing on/off on/off on/off and an incredible pace..I forgot completely about the strobe. I couldn't figure out why the light was fucked up... it was annoying, but at the same time I couldn't do anything about it, I was scared shitless. I could not move at all. I was curled in a ball in a chair fearing for my life because B was not B anymore. His face was morphing into B, into a hungry pitbull, back into B, into a demon of some type with horns on his forehead, back into B, then into B only without skin on his face, just as fast as the lights were flashing on and off. All of a sudden I realized how stupid that whole scene was...(keep in mind i've never experienced any kind of hallucinations, especially like that, before) I jumped up, turned on the light, punched B in the arm and told him to cut it out...then I started laughing uncontrollably again.
After this point, I really don't remember what happened for a while....I had a small black out I guess..but somehow I ended up at Subway©, ordering sandwiches. I don't know how I got there or how long it was since we left A's house, but it was already getting dark out. I assume that this was my peak. In Subway. I was sitting at a small two person table, near the back, by the washrooms. I was watching the table. The wood...it was breathing...pulsating...twisting all around, it looked alive..it felt real...yet unreal...enough of that...I looked up at the wall...I don't know about Subway's all over the place, but in my city, Subway has these old newspaper clippings wallpapered all over the walls. I was trying to read a sentence in front of me.. It said something like....well, something about when the place was built...the words looked backwards, or a different language..Russian I think...but anyways, I couldn't read...I felt like I had suddenly become dyslexic, it was a horrible feeling. No words made any sense. I went to the washroom. Some fucker had pissed all over the toilet and the floor and left a huge mess. I considered cleaning it up and then I changed my mind. I thought about some things...I looked at the toilet. I looked at the piss on the floor. I tried to check the time on my watch. Um, that's odd....there is no time anymore. Is it 6:41? 4:61? 8:82? uhm...I'll just say it's seven. Seven sounds good. So it's seven o' clock. I think. I'm standing in the washroom at Subway. Why? Who knows. I took off my jacket. Put it back on. What the FUCK am I doing in here..didn't I have some people with me?
I left the washroom. Sat back down. GREAT, now the place is filling up with people. I don't know when I got here, but A and D are STILL ordering sandwiches, with B and M, and new friend of ours who we must have picked up along the way somewhere. What does he want? Oh well. I trip out on the wallpaper some more. I wait. What is taking so long?
How long has it been? I look up, look down, too trippy. Look at my watch instead. Still don't get it. The customers behind A look frustrated. I get nervous. Hurry up. They arent even ordering for christ's sake. D is standing there, leaning against the counter, looking at me..he's like
"Hey man, you're tripping out! HAHAHAHA!!! COME OVER HERE!!! get a sandwich man..hehehehehe"
I wish he wouldn't say stuff like that in front of these unknown people. I am VERY VERY uncomfortable. I just want to leave. I think they get the idea when I stop talking and pretend I don't know them. After what I'd call a good forty five minutes, the five of us finally have sandwiches. I want a drink. WHAT? I've had a drink since I came in? OH yeah...this pepsi...where did that come from? Shit...
I tried taking some sips of my Pepsi. I noticed that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't make the liquid come ALL THE WAY up the straw and get in my mouth. I finally gave up after a while and decided to stay thirsty. Now, what kind of sandwich is this?

*takes the top piece of bread off*

WHAT THE FUCK!? It's like, meatball...pizza...uh salami, we got some pickles...some red stuff...green things everywhere..mustard...is this...bar-b-q sauce? oh man...
I take a bite...OH SHIT! NASTY!
I hand it off to someone. I think they ate it. Gross. On the way out, D just HAD to stop and ask the teller if he looked fucked up. She shrugs, he tells her he's on mushrooms and then laughs his ass off. I drag him out of there.
SOOOOOO, the walk back to A's was better. I started to smile and laugh again. Didn't feel so tense with those people staring at me. Even though a familiar place that I walk through everyday was foreign to me, even though I could not remember who my family was or where I lived, no matter how hard I tried, even though I couldn't figure out what time it was, and even though I STILL didn't take a piss..I felt great!
The come down after that was awesome. We just chilled at A's for the night. I remember at one point, looking at a blue dumbell from his weight bench...it was underneath some layers of fog that were covering the carpet. I wanted to get a closer look because the fog was getting very thick. So, instead of getting up, I decided to 'zoom in'. How I knew how to do this, i'll never understand. But it's all good. I just concentrated... and the room got dark...everything was pitch black..i just visually turned off everything expect for that one blue dumbell...it sort of floated upwards so I could see it more clearly. It turned left and right...and then spun around a couple times. That's neat, I think... almost like I was controlling some virtual reality machine or some shit. Then it all comes back. Color...the fog...the dumbell is still in place on the carpet... I forget about it and just laugh and play some video games, and eat a donut or two. Had a great sleep that night. Also, I found out the next day that I was going out with a chick from school! Guess we hooked up sometime that night. hehe. It was crazy.

Be Cool.

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