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A Pleasent Suprise

Tonight i tried Amanita muscaria mushrooms for the first time.

Tonight i tried Amanita muscaria mushrooms for the first time. I have used psydelics before, generally with positive results. I boiled 30 grams of dried crushed mushrooms in 30 oz of water for about 20 minutes. I didn't add any honey or any other types of flavorings. After 20 minuets of brisk boiling, I strained the mushrooms out into a 4 cup measuring bowl and added enough fresh cold water to bring the volume of liquid back up to 30 ounces. After letting it cool for about 5 minutes a friend and I both consumed about 8 ounces of liquid. To my suprise, mild effects were noticeable after about 5 minutes. We then put the remaining liquid into a washed out Arizona Iced Tea bottle, and the boiled mushroom meat into a plastic bag. We then went to the movies. About 45 minutes after our first dose, I took about another 2 oz of the broth and about 5 grams of the cooked 'shrooms. The next about 4 hours were a very very pleasant trip. Visual distortions were mild but pleasant, characterized mostly by fuzziness, and mild light sensitivity. Pupil dilation was somewhat pronounced, though not as sever as on LSD. General feelings of giddiness and overall 'weirdness' were the main effects. This was one of the most pleasant psydelic drug experiences that I have ever had. There was none of the harshness of an LSD trip, and none of the jitteryness or insomnia I sometimes get from Cubenis 'shrooms. The only unpleasant effects were slight nausea, which was only a fraction of what I experiences with other 'shrooms or LSD. The only time the nausea was pronounced was when I was riding in the car to and from the movie, and for about 5 minutes after eating the cooked mushroom meat. One interesting thing i did notice however was the even though- by the time midnight came around I was quite hungry, but when I got some food at a local diner, It all tasted terribly bland. I am pretty sure that it wasn't just the food itself, having eaten there many times before. Even the jelly - a prepackaged manufactured product - tasted bland and flavorless. The coffee had almost no flavor. That I am sure that was a result of the 'shrooms. Overall I would recommend these highly. The trip lasted about 7 hours with no real ill effects of any substance. Also, being legal and easily obtainable as well as bout 1/8 the price of their illegal cousins have made these my psydelic of choice, at least for the time being. The only down side is that where as 1/8 of an oz of Cubenis shrooms would suffice to cause a strong trip, double that of Amanita 'shrooms would probably be necessary for a trip of equivalent intensity. But, as an added bonus, the taste of the shrooms was not nearly as bad as Cubenis shroom - the flavor was almost like chicken. So - overall - It was a great experience.

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