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Bad Trip Report

Never again

My 5th expierence with psilocybin mushrooms was on of the scariest expierences of my life.Since it was my 5th time I had become cocky and thought that I could do the drug
whenever I wanted to without having much of a problem but this was where I was SO wrong.The trip started at my friend richie's house prior to a party I had just attented 
Yes I was sort of smashed at this point but not knowing the dangers of psychadelics or In honesty thinking I was above them I went for my dose of shrooms now I don't really Know
how many grams I had taken but It was around 4heads a few stems which I mixed with lemon juice and immediatly ate. I was starting to feel less drunk and more high and we proceeded upto the roof
where my friend had put matresses and had made a fire I went and laid down waiting for my trip to start. We had done this before in the exact same setting but with one different person
The trip started we started to laugh just like my first few trips. The stars were moving so was the moon. The sky as usal was trippy as balls.All 3 of my friends started to feel it but one had to leave 
because he's sort of a pussy bitch anyway we didn't care that much and we proceeded to trip. While I was at this amazing place my friend comes up and gives some more shrooms this was when it went crazy
I started to play Hey Jude by the beatles one of my favourite tracks to trip on. This was when the roof started to feel different and so wierd. The joint I was smoking was amazing I cannot even describe in words.
Then all of a sudden everything came alive and it was as if I was in a different fucking dimension. My friend rolling the next one couldnt move his arms and was laughing hysterically and then his arms extentended all the way to the ground
this scared the fuck out of me because it looked as if my friend was a fucking psychopath,for some reason it felt as if he was on a verly large dose of heroine because he couldnt move his arms which scared me even more. I started to feel so fucking high and what came into my head was that the shrooms were way too stong for any human too take and now  me and my friends or just me are never going to come down from this and end up in the karachi mental assulym. I really didn't want to be stuck where ever I was at and this scared me more and more
I tried talking to  my friends then to get me out of this nightmare I was in and his face was half on the ground like one of those cartoons which made me not want to talk.
I closed my eyes  the visuals were fucking Intense and the sky at this point looked sooo fucking different I felt like I could almost see God. 
I turned towards God at this point to help me I turned towards all positivity I could but nothing was really helping.At this point I was lost from all reality.I was clutching onto my phone as some sort of Guide then I realized to put it down and just deal with my demons.
So I closed my eyes and thought positive thoughts and I felt a little better my friends dog came up at this point and was freaking my friend out so I decided not to look at the Dog negatively but in a positive light which didnot make his face 
distort and twist into a demonic demon we decided to go to the petrol pump close by his house it was around 530 am at this point and the streets seemed 3d and alive I cant really explain it I was still freaking out a bit mainly for the fact that 
we forgot where we were going and were just roaming around talking to to ourselves for what felt like ages as we went to the pump i didnot go inside knowing I would fuck up and man named saddam was standing outside for some reason i felt if i didnot 
make healthy conversation I would go into a night mare state again so I did and I spoke to him saying things whatever felt normal at the time like This pump is amazing
Its open all day and as I'm talking to him his face is getting all distorted but he didnt freak me out so we left and went back to the house this was when my friend started vomiting like a crazy bastard and two of them went Inside 
I was again getting myself into a a bad trip when I was looking at the house so I decided to stay at the garage area where the night guard was awake. I just went and sat next to him and spoke utter rubish at this point the Azan started and at the time it was loud and 
over bearing but I started to come down just a bit and my friend came outside we made way back to the house and went back to the room we ate the shrooms in the room was a shady red colour with strange pictures on the wall not something a sober person would notice but at the time
It was like being in a room in hell specially with my friend puking his balls out in the bathroom.Everything was moving the paintings were coming out the wall I was still tripping really hard, I closed my eyes and tried to sleep it off but it wasn't working but eventually I came back in a euphoric state assuring myself I would not end up in a mental assylum.This time I had gone to far and understand now
that psychadelics are not to be taken lightly...


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