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All aboard the shroom train

100grs fresh cubs

     Like a lot of people I started with the 2-3grs dry cubs & wasn't getting much.
I experimented with 10-15grs dry & would get some trails & some open eye visual shapes.  I got frustrated one night & decide to take all I had, it was 25grs dry. That's when I learned what shrooming really was. 
Now that takes us to this morning. I planned to shroom when I got up about 5:30 am.  I got some crappy pf cakes with little 1in-2in shrooms on them. I cleaned them all off & it was 100 grs fresh. I was like I don't want to save & dry these crappy lil tops & just make tea with all of them. Drank the 2 glass' of tea down, within minutes I could feel it coming. I was trying to get the music going, I was kind of getting spacey but hit play & had to sit down.
so I'm in the recliner kicked back & chillin for a bit. I was coming up but I couldn't connect with the music. Then next beat came I hooked right up.  I listen to TB baseline on YT, awesome shit. It's like baseline to take you on journeys.  

when I connect with the music, visually I'm getting on a interstellar highway.

I just start blowing up with visuals, There's a big shroom train where the stack is a shroom dude.  we take off into massive cartoon land. reality is melting & stimuli overdose. It's hard to describe because this is only my second trip like this & if you haven't been there you would not understand the mind could do this. 

It's like the most awesome thing ever,  after a couple hrs, it was so intense I wanted a 5 min break but it wasn't happening.  the visual just kept coming. My eyes were open but you couldn't see the room only the visuals.

after few hrs I started to come back to earth. All I could think is omg, holy shit that was fucking intense.

I think people that like this high. should really heroic dose & xp it.  I think it would be dangerous to be outside like this because your kind of like a vegetable for 4hrs.

Peace & may the shroom be with you,

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