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Baaad Trip

Hi, this is my first and last trip report.

Hi, this is my first and last trip report. It was my 5th time on shrooms and it was the first time my girlfriend was there when i did it. Well i poped them and then i felt it. Lights were brighter then usual and all the basics.
Then it went bad. I Started to feel that my girlfriend was making a conspiracy against me! I REALLY REALLY thought she was. So i was almost criing in the corner and whenever she would come, i would either feel that she was getting information for the conspiracy against me OR i would look at her face and i would think that i really did not deserve her. That she was Waaaaay to good for me. I started thinkin shit like "What have I done with my life?" "Why does she like me so much? I'm all messed up and she is perfect!" I really started to crack. And she obviously got anoid about it. When her ride got here. The only goodbye was "bye" not kiss, no hug, nothing! I went straight to bed and here i am the next day about to call her to say how sorry i am...

Guys, be CAREFULL with shrooms. This did not happen because i'm messed up. It happened because the shrooms made me think I did. Just be carefull or you could possibly ruin your relation like me.


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