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18 grams of heavenly blue morning glory seeds, AKA "6 hours of hell, followed by 4 hours of bliss"

Second LSA trip, and a strange discovery about how cannabis interacts with morning glory

First, a little backstory on my previous experience with morning glories and psychedelics in general. My first hallucinogen was shrooms, at the age of 24. I ate 1/8 of an ounce, and at the time, it was the most incredible experience of my life. Since then, I've had mushrooms two other times, DXM once (not interested in doing it again) and LSD once. Only about three months ago did I find out what LSA is and where it was found. I was intrigued. As a bonus, possession of LSA-containing seeds is perfectly legal, unlike possession of magic mushrooms. I opted to go with heavenly blue morning glories because of how easy they are to obtain. Hawaiian baby woodrose would require ordering it online, and I was enticed by the ease pf walking into a store and simply purchasing a bunch of morning glory seeds, no waiting time and no questions asked.

This report is about my second trip on LSA. But first, I'd like to touch on the previous one and my second attempt (I will explain). 


The first time, I consumed about 9 grams (6 packages, 1.5 grams each) of MG seeds. They were Burpee brand. There was nothing on the packaging about chemicals or pesticides, nor any warnings about human consumption, so after a quick rinse, I started eating. I simply popped them in my mouth, 10 or 20 at a time, chewed them to a pulp, and swallowed. They did not tase pleasant, but did not taste bad either. Sort of a bland, grassy sort of taste. Very tolerable, and a couple swigs of orange juice after I was done washed the taste away. About 30 or 45 minutes later, the nausea hit. This was to be expected, as I had done extensive research on MG seeds before trying them. The nausea was significant, but nothing I couldn't deal with. Plus, in preparation for it, I had bought a gram of cannabis, for we all know it is a very good nausea medicine. So when the nausea hit, I got it out of my drawer and started packing a bowl. After 2 or 3 hits, the nausea was comeplety gone and I could focus on the effects. I am not going to go too much into detail about the trip, because that is not the point of this report. But the trip was interesting, with surpisingly vivid visuals that I was not fully expecting from LSA. I also experinced a lot of mindfuck thought loops, similar to a mushroom trip and a lot of time expansion (experiencing very long periods of time, when in reality, only seconds or minutes had passed).  Comedown was very smooth and the afterglow lasted surprisingly long, about 12 hours. All in all a worthwhile experience. Definitely something I wanted to explore again.


I call my second attempt a failure. I was going to try eating a bit more this time, about 15 grams. It was about 3 weeks after my first LSA experience. Again, I had some cannabis to help with the nausea. However, when I started eating the seeds, the taste instantly made me gag and feel like I was going to puke. I tried smoking some cannabis, but the problem, it seemed, was not nausea. It felt more psychological. As if my mind and body remembered the nausea from the first time, and would not let me ingest the same thing again. I couldn't manage to eat more than 5 grams before giving up. I got some effects, but not much because it was such a small dose. There was no nausea after the first hour or so. I decided that next time, I would buy a little coffee grinder, grind the seeds up, and mix them into applesauce. But first I had to let my tolerance dissipate. I waited 2 and a half weeks.

THIRD TIME, or as I like to call it: 


This trip is the focus of the report. It is also on this trip that I would like to request feedback, see if anyone else noticed the same thing I did.

This time, I was in the mood for a crazy, to-jupiter-and-back, contemplate-my-very-existence trip.

So I planned to eat about 18 grams of seeds. I bought 12 of the 1.5 gram packs of heavenly blue morning glory seeds and put them in my new grinder. I ground them into a fine powder. I smelled the powder. Hell, even the smell of them made me gag! I dumped the powder into a bowl and added two of those little single serving applesauce containers... you know, the kind you would put in your 8 year old's bagged lunch for school. I stirred up the mixture. It looked kind of gross, but didn't taste bad. I could detect the taste of the MG seeds if I looked for it, but just spooning it into my mouth and swallowing it resulted in only being able to taste the applesauce. I finished the whole mixture. I had no cannabis this time, due to a lack of funds, but I figured this wouldn't be a problem because I have fresh ginger root in my cupboard as well as peppermint extract, both are known to help settle your stomach. I also had Pepto Bismol in my fridge. About 40 minutes after ingestion, the nausea came on. I cut off a chunk of ginger and started chewing it to combat this. It did not work. I continued getting sicker. I began to feel like i might vomit, so I got a big mixing bowl to keep next to me, just in case. I tried some peppermint, with no luck. Then, about 1 and a half hours after injestion, it happened. My stomach fip flopped and I knew I was going to puke. I ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. Then I laid on the bathroom floor for a little while, feeling incredibly ill. After laying there about 20 minutes, I threw up again. After throwing up for the second time, I got up, took a short shower, and went to lay down. I lay on the couch for a while, still feeling ill. I started to feel like I had to vomit again, this was about 3 hours after injestion. However, every time I got up and ran to the bathroom, sure that I was going to puke, I would kneel over the toilet and find that I couldn't puke. You know how when you get sick, sometimes you reach a point where you WANT to vomit? Just because you feel so sick and you know you'll feel a little better after vomiting? This is how I was feeling. 

Then I had an idea. I had not yet cleaned out the grinder, and I knew that there was still some morning glory powder stuck to the inside of it. I remembered that the last time I tried eating MG seeds straight, just the taste made me want to puke. If I could collect some on my finger, and put it in my mouth, it just might be enough to make me hurl. I brought the grinder into the bathroom and opened it up. I first smelled the inside, to "test the water" so to speak. That was all it took. It was a good thing that I was already kneeling in front of the toilet, because upon inhaling the smell, I INSTANTLY puked violently. Almost projectile. After it was over, I caught my breath, wiped my face, and decided I was going to take a hot bath. I drew the bath, stripped down, and got in. After that third time puking, I felt a little better. I still had the nausea and still felt like total shit, but at least I didn't feel like I was constantly on the verge on puking. It seemed apparent that the actual vomiting was over. However, I was still too sick to focus on or appreciate the effects of the trip. The whole time, since I first started feeling the nausea, I was aware that I was definitely coming up. I could feel the familiar comeup of a psychedelic, and about 3 or 4 hours hours after injestion, I was definitely tripping. If I stared into the mirror, inricate fractalized patterns would appear on my face. My pupils were also HUGE. Beatiful floral fractals would appear on anything with a visible texture, such as the rug or the eggshell paint on the walls. But I would only notice these if I focused on them, and I was too distracted by my nausea to do that for more than a minute or two at a time. I was too miserable from being sick to appreciate or even fully experience the trip. It was hell, because I was also getting some time expansion, so the time I experienced while being sick seemed much longer than the time that actually passed, which in reality was about 6 hours. It may as well have been 6 months. Throughout these hellish 6 hours, I decided that I would never again eat morning glory seeds... the trip was not worth being so sick, especially since I barely could notice the trip though all the puking and nausea. Never again. I decided that future trips would have to be shrooms or LSD.

Then, came the game-changer. My neighbor came home from work. My neighbor is a huge pothead and always has weed. I was already more than 6 hours into the trip, and could no longer notice visuals, so I was pretty sure the trip was mostly over. I went over and told him what I had taken, and that it was a bad trip due to how sick it made me, and asked if he had any cannabis he could spare so I could hopefully finaly alleviate some of the nausea. He produced two roaches from blunts he had smoked the day before. I thanked him, packed them into a bowl, and smoked them. All in all they were enough for about 3 hits. About 5 minutes after smoking them, my nausea was GONE. Completely gone. On top of that, suddenly the visuals were back, they were EVERYWHERE, and they were beautiful. I mean fucking incredible. I came to the realization that this trip was definitely not over. Everything was laced with what looked like electricity that had every color of the spectrum. Staring at anything with texture again brought on those beautiful, rainbow-laced fractal patterns, but now, staring at them made them morph, become 3-D and gain incredible depth. As though I were staring down into a deep, incredibly beautiful abyss... those mesmerizing, melting, shifting, fractalized visuals that hallucinogenics are famous for. I could feel every cell in my body, alive and tingling. Movement seemed to leave behind a strange sensation in my muscles, almost like a tracer that was felt in my muscles instead of seen. Looking at my face in the mirror was incredible. It instantly showed me those patterns again, and staring longer made the patterns get deeper, and then my whole face began to morph, turning into a sort of demonic face... it was not frightening at all and was very cool to look at. I decided to revoke my original decision about never eating morning glory seeds again, and just make sure I had weed next time. I spent the next four hours after smoking staring at stuff and admiring the visuals until I felt sleepy. I took a nap for about two hours and was woken by a knock on the door. I was still groggy and still feeling a bit strange, but there were no visuals or anything... it felt like afterglow. I answered to find my neighbor offering to smoke with me. We shared a blunt and after smoking it, the visuals came back AGAIN! 12 full hours after first eating the seeds, and I had pretty awesome visuals. They were not as intense, closer to how they were when I was still sick and could not focus, but still enjoyable. They faded about an hour later and I came down quickly, but easily and smoothly.

All I can think about after this experience is how shocked I am at the difference cannabis actually made. I wonder how amazing the first 6 hours would have been if I'd had some then. I am definitely trying again in about a month, this time with some cannabis handy.  For me, it seems that morning glory alone = pure hell, but morning glory + cannabis = amazing trip. I intend to test this theory next month by eating the same amount of seeds, with the same method, only making sure I have cannabis to smoke.

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