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awsome shrooms

whats up,this trip all started when my twin brother came home from boys town on a home pass for a weekend.

whats up,this trip all started when my twin brother came home from boys town on a home pass for a weekend. I was at lunch one day at school and walking up from the lot when i saw a friend of mone walking around in the lot, i got in his car and he pulled out a Qp of shrooms and asked if i wanted some, so i bought a quarter from him for me and my bro. when the weekend rolled around it was a friday and we decided to chill in our room and shroom all night( we have a really cool room). anyway it was about 10 and we started watching detriot rock city and eating our shrooms. about 45 min after we ate tthem i started to feel kind of tense and kind of like acid was kicking in. the tenseness lasted about 15 minuites, and the shrooms just kicked my ass. it all hit me at once and i felt like i couldnt even move. I could hardly even open my eyes and when i did the TV and the sliding doors on the closets were morphing in and out, back and forth, when my eyes were closed all i could see were kalidoscope patterns spining and morphing around in circles it was incredibly intense. this part of my trip lasted probably about 10-15min and then i was just really f%@ked up. I was wondering how anyone could have a bad trip off shrooms because it was so peaceful, relaxing, and euphoric. any way as we were watching DRCity it was the part where they put the shrooms on the pizza amd give it to that priest. as i was looking at the priest his face was waving around and melting down the screen. I wasnt sure if his shrooms were kicking in, in the movie or if it was me so i asked my bro and he said it was me. I started to become kind of worried that my dad was going to walk in so i got up into my bed which is a loft bed. I sat on my bed for about 45 minuites smoking cigarettes and watching the light frome my candles morph into kalidascope patterns and faces on my ceiling. it was soooo incredibly euphoric sitting there i felt that i could have done it for days. I felt like a shoot up some dope. I laid down on my bed and started to watch the movie( by this time my bro had put it Boyz in da hood) as i watched it it was like there were different levels on the screen. there was the level w/ the people on it and the backround level. as i watched the people their faces broke apart into different kalidiscope patterens and started spinning around the screen. after a couple seconds the patterns started going off the screen and changing into different patterns. this amazed me because even on large amounts of acid i have never seen anything like that. I looked over the edge of my bed and it was not even my room anymore, I mean it was my room but it wasnt, its really hard to explain. my room was smaller than normal and the walls and furniture were getting larger and smaller and moving around the floor, it seemed as if everything in the room was alive and having fun on the ground below me. about an hour after that i felt like i was starting to come down. i told my bro that i think shrooms could totaly be addicting because it was so euphoricand wasnt just a trip it was an intense body high that was similar to X, and Herion. overall in this trip there werent a ton of visuals but the ones i had blew away acid and made me fall in love w/ shrooms. the only problem w/ these shrooms is that they were sooo good that i havent benn able to find any that goo sence then. I have had to eat 3 eights before it even compairs to these, and even then it wasnt as good. for all of you who havent shroomed. I HIGHLY recomend it. and if you dont think its very good, either buy more or try to find better ones. because trust me if you get good ones it is the SHIZNIPEDDY

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