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Meaningful Bottom Bag Trip (:

Shroom Land

I ate around 1.5g of bottom of the bag Gold caps looked damn near like dust except one big cap, while riding my bike to my smokeshop about 1.5 mile away to get swishers and two air heads; eat one save one...I finish them about half way, make it to the smokeshop get my shit and leave to a park nearby around a mile and go sit on bench and roll blunt. Nothing really happening just thinking a little..smoke the blunt and im looking at the field of the park and theres kinda levels to it nothing really though..the planks of the bench i was sitting on were kinda shifting but not to much. I finished my blunt and get on my bike and ride on toward the street. When i first hit the sidewalk is when the trip pretty much started kinda..when i hit the sidewalk i got like a cool ass feeling of happiness and just felt hella good amd content and was laughing and the wind and all that was nice.. i rode around for a minute and i spit and it sounded like a rocket lol it was like pew.. but i ate the orange air head and it tasted hella fire hahah it was hella juicy, then i rode to through a college kinda tripping but not hella tuff honestly i ride in through the front and ride across the bridge then i went down a hill n i went kinda fast and it felt hella good and fresh in the wind so i went back up and did it again then i rode on the bike trail towards watt and this nigga was smoking blunt n i asked him for lighter and matched it with him he rolled a blunt and so did i just kinda zoning out blank minded while with him not tripping like that yet..i finish burnin with him and i get on bike and go up stream further idk why just cause i was shrooming and needed to move around and had the confused part and kinda going in and out of the flip book feeling...and oh ya the whole trip it felt like when i put my hands in shirt when im cold except it felt like my sole was doing that inside my body but felt hella good and warm .. so i ride up stream kinda tripping then ride back on bike trail downstream and hella bikers are passing me I'm not rlly tripping hella tuff just laughing and everything is hella fresh and kinda the "tripping" flip book feeling. Then i go back towards the bridge and i look at it and it looks like the golden gate lowkey and just looks hella nice...this is where i really start tripping the bridge looks coo and all so i go up and cross it and im riding on the other side by gardens(smoke spot by the river) and i look in the sky and it has like hella layers and colors in it, kinda looked like a blurry color splash sky and i was just in complete awe smiling and kinda lost track that i was ridjng bike and just wanted to stare in sky, almost fell off trail but was doing pretty good job staring at sky and riding for a solid 5min then i turn around and go back toward the bridge just tripping the casual haha...i felt like i needed to sit so i could experience it a little more and enjoy it so i sat under the bridge and to not look sketch i acted like i was on the phone but i kept getting the lil shroom confused face and like looking around not even knowing i was holding the phone to my face then i stare at the little row of grass and its all waving super crisp looking and hella green and i can just like see the universe kinda haha and my head feels hella good like a balloon the whole time like in my pineal gland haha then i push bike up to trail from under bridge and the rocks and grass kinda got the breathing effect and i get on the trail and am still in awe of the sky and dont wana stop looking at it and im thinking the whole time and was just thinking how the fungus was like poisoning me making me trip and feel what i was feeling everything bright, vivid, and looks good and i ride down the hill by the church and bridge and i mob down it and the wind hits my face and it feels hella good just riding tripping now having hella good time and i think im coo to go home cause i was having such a pleasant calm trip and i go home post up on my,bed for a little talked to both my brothers and then i started tripping hella hard so i was like yup dip, so so i dipped to my side of river( opposite side of where i was) and went down my street and when i hit a certain street was like double speed then i finally got to the river and got a hella good feeling the feeling of like "i finally made it" getting out of my neighborhood  and away from parents and started laughing and shit again...then i had like a beat of energy going through my body and i freestyled like a verse hahaha it was coo tho just experiencing it... and i go to a tight ass place its by the freeway theres miles of just green grazs and this weird little garden area...perfect place to trip if you get far enough to not hear freeway and im tripping hard n shit my pineal gland like throbbing in hella nice way and i cant stop looking at sky but i go to the trees and i kept feeling like i had to lay down to like experience it completely and layed down on some perfect little rock in the sun looking at the sky hella beautiful my whole vision was 1 color of blue looked hella nice..then i closed my eyes and i saw lines and shapes kiiiinda but just tripping in my head like glitching haha but feel hella good like picturing myself outa my body then i get up and go to the big field and i get away from the freeway,and when the sound gets silent its hella nice and calm and it switched from sound to sound it was weird but cool and i walked on the grass for a min and i kept feelinf like i had to lay down and shit so i layed down on the trail and looked at the grass rocks and sky in awe feeling really good and peaceful in shroom land while my trip ended haha... Also at a point felt like my mind boomeranged to universe and back and when i left i got a feeling of like yup i controlled my trip now confident enough to go home like i learned something..Leave comments tell me what u think

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