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Ez felt plastic lids

reusable plastic lids tried and tested

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Shopping List

1. plastic canning jar lids, available online or at your local supermarket canning section $3 per 8 pack
2. Heavy duty EZ felt available at a craft store or online $1-2 a sheet
3. A small 1/4 socket and extension or some sort of metal rod to melt a hole with
4. Blowtorch, gas stove, fire, some sort of flame to heat the metal to melt the lids
5. Gloves
5. Respirator, or done outdoors


1. Cut EZ felt into small squares slightly larger than the hole you're melting
2. heat socket or metal item to a good heat, cherry red is not needed, just a few hundred degrees.
3. Slowly melt the lid, once through take a second for the plastic to melt extra around the hot metal making a ring of molten plastic
4. place the EZ felt square on the lid and mush the molten plastic on the backside into the ez felt

These filters will withstand multiple cycles with no contaminations. EZ felt should work but ive been using the heavy duty EZ felt which is 2x the thickness and more dense so try to source that. 

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