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Incredible Visual Clarity & The Love of G-d

~2g of homegrown B+

First the microdosing. I grew a batch of B+ using the PF Tek (first successful grow! Seriously, use this method. Very noob friendly), and tried them out fresh almost immediately. They tasted pretty good, extremely mushroomy. I work in food service and I would happily employ them in culinary ventures, if not for their mind shredding mischief ;) After harvesting the flesh of the mushroom turned an amazing shade of blue. I was very impressed with these little creatures.

These mushrooms have an almost unbelievable way of enhancing my perception of color and space. Microdosing with my friends, we all noticed a distinctly beautiful shade of blue to reality, very similar to the blue of the shrooms themselves. I felt very comfortable and safe, like the spirit of the mushrooms were already with me. We spent the night looking at photography and appreciating subtly of colors and themes I hadn't noticed before.

The word "entheogen" seems strikingly true with shrooms. I had tried LSD before and had a great time, but it wasn't an especially spiritual experience. I'm fairly religious and spiritual so it doesn't take much for me to see the work of G-d in the world, but LSD didn't do much to enhance. Shrooms though - holy smokes! There is only one way to describe it: Shrooms made me feel like I was much more open to experiencing the love of G-d. Like real deal, giddy, joyous love. I've felt this before in my life so it wasn't entirely the shrooms. It just felt like these little spirit creatures guided me to a place where I could get past a lot of my own shit and just feel.

Second trip (maybe about a gram) - The colors of the world were so stupifying that me and my housemates spent the better part of the night laughing about how absurdly beautiful a box of crayons were. Seriously. Colors seemed to glow, and the prismatic effect was overtaking some shadows. Nice tracers. Again, distinct opening to the love of G-d. I also felt a bizarre continuity with my past self, as though I could feel my 18 years self just somewhere in another dimension. That was easily the strangest part.

Third trip (about two grams) - Tripped alone. Ate the shrooms and about 30 minutes later I felt nauseated, like I was having a migraine. I laid down for a bit and let myself roll into the trip. When I opened my eyes the world was jawdropping (and I was just in my room). The change in visual clarity was unbelievable. Everything seemed to have a depth to it that it didn't have before. The world seemed more 3D, if that makes any sense. Looking at everything was like staring from a mountaintop. I kept looking at a kippah (small Jewish skullcap) I had crocheted, absolutely amazed at how fluid and composed the stitches look. I kid you not, this little crocheted cap was like a symphony written in thread. Seeing it through the light was like staring into a stained glass window. I didn't feel like I was tripping. I felt like I was seeing these things like I never had.

Everything, EVERYTHING, looked heartbrakingly beautiful. In a strange way, it made everything fade in symbolic value. Everything just was. For example, I examined a quarter, noting how the bust of our presidents is a direct inheritance of Roman coinage. I looked at the shimmering scratches on the surface. But it never really seemed like money.

Although I had no hallucinations, I did experience the classic "trippy" kaleidoscopic effect. The edge of every object projected a thin border of rainbow. I think that was a genuine heighten of my vision, as I could also see it more intensely when I looked at objects very closely. The kaleidoscope was so intense that I had to take off my glasses because the edge of my glasses were acting like a prism and I could hardly see anything else. After taking my glasses off my distance vision was still blurry (though not quite as much), but my near vision felt microscopic. Really, like I was constantly looking through a jewelers loupe or something.

As with the other times, I felt like I was aware of G-d the whole time.

I never expected a full-on mushroom trip to go down like that. I didn't feel stoned or high. I felt like I was given a super power! It was vision like I have never experienced. I can't wait until spring so I can see what the trees and flowers and insects look like tripping! I know some people have bad experiences on shrooms, but they have been nothing but nice to me. I'm totally grateful for the grace of G-d and the hospitality of my shroomy friends :)

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