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4 Geltabs LSD

A story of how i accidentally took double the amount of what i meant to take.

Trip Report

Sunday Night

January 17th-18th

Alright so I had a pretty decent birthday on Saturday the 16th and I had to work Saturday night and also Sunday night. This week before my birthday I had bought a 400 dollar Schechter Omen Extreme Omen 4. It%u2019s such a beautiful instrument and I hadn%u2019t really gotten to play it. I had gotten a call on Sunday morning saying that my local dealer has some gel tabs of LSD and that he wants me to try them. I was really excited because I had Monday off of work and school because of MLK day and it was just my day off of work. I figured it was the perfect time to do it. My life had been in pretty good shape. I had just went to a Pistons game, I just had a great birthday too. Christmas, and everything. It was just a good time in my life and I have been happy. So I had to get off work first. I am a delivery driver for a pizza place and my car broke down on Sunday while I was on a delivery. It was really shitty, but I didn%u2019t let it make me mad. I have tried to be positive about everything lately, so it didn%u2019t affect me. I had money to fix my car, so it was just a minor setback. I had to get picked up by my parents and drive my sister%u2019s car for the night. I ended up getting off early because we were slow and I went and picked up 4 gel tabs from my buddy. I have never taken gel tabs but they were in tin foil so I didn%u2019t get to really see what they looked like. There were a few dudes there who warned me about them being strong. It isn%u2019t the first time I%u2019ve taken good LSD. The guy named mike said to me %u201CThese are awesome man, you%u2019ll straight be seeing rainbows the whole time%u201D I didn%u2019t heed his warning because I am used to seeing colors. I have been used to taking 4 tabs of decent stuff so I figured it would be just another trip. OH how I was wrong. I got home and I ended up waiting till around 11:30 to do them. I played some 2k to eat up the time and then when it turned to 1130, I put them on my tongue. I kept playing 2k for about 5 minutes and I noticed they dissolved decently fast. They were small little dot sized squares that were plastic and had gel inside them. They looked like little jello shots of LSD. They dissolved and I swallowed. I always swallow the tabs after about 5 minutes because I hate having foreign substances in my mouth. Swallowing also doesn%u2019t slow down the effect like myths claim. I played 2k for about 3 minutes and my body starting feeling sensational. It was smacking me, after a few minutes. It was strong, I thought to myself. I still hadn%u2019t figured they were really strong though, just a little better than usual. I played a game of 2k starting from the 2nd half, and it lasted about 20 minutes. After the game ended, I felt nauseous. I had to throw up. I went over to the bathroom, turned the shower on so nobody could hear me, and tried to puke. I couldn%u2019t puke though. A lot of the time when I take LSD I have to puke, and once I let it all out, I feel a lot better. So I figured I would have to then I would be fine. I sat next to the toilet for about 20 minutes, and I never could puke. I started staring into the water and I started to realize almost 45 minutes have gone by. I was higher than hell. I honestly started hearing voices and different energies were trying to call me. It%u2019s hard to explain, but I had a number of paranoid feelings in the bathroom. I finally told myself I didn%u2019t have to puke and that it%u2019s all in my head. I turned off the shower and went and laid in my bed. I had turned off my ps4 and had ESPN/Sports Center playing. It was NFL Playoff Sunday so a bunch of recaps were plying of all the exciting games. I had missed out on them because of work. I started watching them for about 5 minutes, but I was losing my train of thought, and it was bad. Like I said earlier, there was this energy calling me. By the time I was in bed watching the games, the force had almost tripled. It was enormous, and I was trying to focus on the game and fight against it. I was extremely high. The game with Peyton manning came on and I really wanted to know who won. This is when things start to get really really really weird. Bear with me%u2026


I%u2019m watching Peyton manning throw crazy passes and all this. And now the game is coming down to the wire. Peyton is down and needs a touchdown to win. He starts passing and is killing it... driving down the field. As he goes to throw a final play on 3rd down, he never hikes the ball. Instead, he turned and looked at me. He started talking to me. No I am not lying, I swear to everything, Peyton stopped doing what he was doing and turned and said my name. He said these exact words... I will never forget this. %u201CYou don%u2019t care about this game justin. It%u2019s just a game. You don%u2019t need to know what happens next.%u201D It was so eerie. I REALLY wanted to know who won though! So I kept watching, and then all hell broke loose. This force was still dragging me, and it seemed as I was losing my vision%u2026 and I was. There was a light blue cloud surrounding the borders of my vision. I was watching Peyton throw, and he threw a pass... and the screen started blurring and it was as if the satellite went out. The TV was cutting in and out%u2026 but the connection was fine%u2026 I turned the channel and it worked perfectly. But when I went back, Peyton manning was pixels and it kept going in and out. The force was basically pulling me away without will. I finally focused enough to make the TV work again... but this time when they threw a pass, weird shit kept happening. I would watch as somebody would drop the ball, and pick it back up, and fumble. And pick it back up and fumble. They fumbled the ball almost 200 times in one play. By the way anything I say in this report is NOT an exaggeration. This is literally what I witnessed. They fumbled almost 200 times and the commentators kept saying goofy stuff like OH WOWZERS, WHAT A PLAY, GEE WIZ, OOPS, DOH. And it started to piss me off. After a few minutes of watching some dumb shit (that never actually happened, my mind was playing tricks on me) I decided that I couldn%u2019t do anything about it. I knew I was really fucked up and I took too much, so I researched on google what I had taken. I found out that gel tabs are extremely strong, and can be almost double or triple the normal dose. I had accidently taken anywhere from 8-12 tabs. Right then and there I knew there was nothing I could do but to embrace it. I looked back at the TV and Peyton manning%u2019s voice was telling me to let go. I heard a very very loud vibration, almost like there was a construction site going on outside my bedroom. But I knew it wasn%u2019t anything physical. It was the universe. I had felt everything. I closed my eyes (TV still on) and I had put my arms behind my head. I started to lose control of my thoughts and was listening to the universe. I was easily out of my body in less than 30 seconds. I started transcending into different realms that I had no idea what was going on. But I saw so many lights and shapes. Everything seemed black and white though. As I reached the peak of my little out of body experience, Peyton started talking. My body and soul aligned and I felt my 3rd eye open and saw light coming in. I truly heard Peyton at this point say, %u201Cdo you feel that, you feel that right there?%u201D and I didn%u2019t answer, but he was guiding me through my trip. I saw extreme geometrical figures, moving very slowly, spinning slowly too. It was like I was floating in a galaxy and I was a star, while other things were orbiting right in front of me. I opened my eyes because I had enough of Peyton manning, only to realize I wasn%u2019t in the same position as before. I don%u2019t remember moving, so I freaked out. Was I in the same body as before? I picked up my phone and texted my friend Dylan and told him I was really fucked up because me and him talk about our trips all the time. I tried to lay back and relax after but I really still felt out of my body. My head was somewhere else. I opened up Instagram and the first thing I saw was %u201CDetroit Lions won the super bowl%u201D I thought to myself, where am I? This isn%u2019t the real world. Crazy football plays were still happening on the TV in front of me. I thought, what if I can do whatever I want? I scrolled and then the Detroit pistons won the NBA finals. I was convinced I was in a dream world where I could have anything I possibly imagined. It was amazing. I thought to myself, I can do anything. And then I was too scared to walk outside and do whatever I wanted. I thought to myself. What kind of person am I, if I could do anything in the world, and imp sitting in my room because I can%u2019t walk out the door. I%u2019m glad I didn%u2019t muster up any ideas though. I will explain why later in this post. I decided since I have nothing to do, it was time to plug in the playlist I had made for tripping. The first song (I hit shuffle on 35 different songs) was Uprising by Muse. I have always liked this song, since it hit the mainstream in 08%u2019. I LOVE MUSE. They make some of the best songs for acid. I would have to say they%u2019re one of the most talented bands of all time. Easily top 3 ever for me. Anyways I put on this song and turned off the lights and put my headphones on. As soon as I turned off the lights, I was floating in space. It was so dark, and my perception was so off, that I couldn%u2019t see my walls, bed, ceiling, or anything. All I could do was feel what was around me, but nothing was actually there. It was a very crazy experience, slightly scary, because at first I fumbled around for my remote and I couldn%u2019t find it. That gave me bad vibes. So anyways, I ended up turning them off and started the song. There is another song that I love for acid and it has a very high pitched noise at the beginning, and it sounds like a film reel starting up and spinning really fast. That song took me to amazing places when I was listening to it on acid, so I figured right away this one would too. It starts off with a steady drum and bass beat. After about 10 seconds, this robotic, techno, lazer-esque sound comes on and does the songs melody. It literally sounds like a crazy alien invasion is happening. It starts to really climax for a second and then a quick, and loud high guitar notes strikes and it goes back to the regular drum and bass beat. Matt starts singing and he has such a soft voice. It%u2019s fucking beautiful. Here are the lyrics. And please interpret these from a spiritual standpoint. Every single line throws you further into... well I can%u2019t explain it.

Paranoia is in bloom,
The PR transmissions will resume
They'll try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed down
And hope that we will never see the truth around
[after this verse, talking about paranoia and how we are held from the truth, I started thinking about how there is more to life. They don%u2019t want us to see the truth. I know. I sound crazy, but it%u2019s all real. I started to embrace everything he said]

Another promise, another seed
Another packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed
And all the green belts wrapped around our minds
And endless red tape to keep the truth confined
[same thing, he%u2019s talking about how were clueless about what is really going on. to the ordinary person, this song would be about the government hiding war and lies from us, like how bush did 9/11. But if you dig deeper this song is actually about how they put fluoride in our water and toothpaste, and how lsd and shrooms are illegal. Fluoride is a chemical that when consumed, calcifies your pineal gland. Your pineal gland is your third eye and that is what helps you see auras around people and see into the beyond. It%u2019s said that after you open your third eye, everybody has a different aura. You see people of who they really are. There is so much more to this, but if you%u2019re interested in this, research the third eye chakra.]

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
[matt sings this part in a VERY beautiful and dramatic fashion. The alien like sequence of sound comes back on behind his voice, and it really makes you feel like he%u2019s singing with you. It%u2019s very hard to explain, but as he sang, more voices started singing with him. But it wasn%u2019t other individuals%u2026 it was him and me. We became one. Every time he said US... US was emphasized. I was becoming one with life. With everything. They will not control us, I was letting go and I was becoming US.

Interchanging mind control
Come, let the revolution take its toll
If you could flick the switch and open your third eye
You'd see that we should never be afraid to die
[this fucking part was huge.  I knew it was real right when he said this. I started transcending as the universe. Not into the universe, I was seeing different parts of the universe I was not Justin anymore. I was US. I was something that I can%u2019t describe, but it was a huge entity of power and great energy. Made up of other entities too%u2026 if that makes sense. I was a part of something bigger. At this exact last line, I accepted that if I die, at any point in my life, I wouldn%u2019t be afraid. I was experiencing death through this song]

Rise up and take the power back
It's time the fat cats had a heart attack
You know that their time's coming to an end
We have to unify and watch our flag ascend
(so come on)

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
(so come on)

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
[a guitar solo comes on, with a lot of buzzing and extreme frequencies that are only heard while tripping, and I really noticed the attention to detail in this song%u2026. It%u2019s like every NANOSECOND has a note and it%u2019s really put together phenomenally.]
They will not force us
they will stop degrading us
they will not control us
we will be victorious

As the song ended, I wasn%u2019t even listening to it anymore. I was too in awe of what I was seeing. I was peaking at this point, and I had nothing going thru my headphones since the song was over. I sat and experienced. I was flying through somewhere in the universe, and all of a sudden, I zoomed out. I saw THE ENTIRE universe, as one big black picture. It was almost like a giant circuit board. Like when you take off the top part of the calculator and you see that green circuit work under neath. I saw the universe as that. And every little button would light up and send a frequency from one to the other almost faster than the speed of light. I wouldn%u2019t have been able to see it because it was traveling to fast%u2026 but I could only see the frequencies and energies because... I was them. I had become one with the universe. I heard different zips and zaps, and basically just a lot of different electronic noises. It sounded like I was in the middle of a telephone pole. It was amazing. I was so far out there.  I literally reached the end, because throughout the trip, I just kept going further and further, but I stopped going at this point%u2026 and I just experienced. Uprising is the best song ever made and nobody can ever tell me otherwise. It changed my life. After this point in my life, I will no longer be afraid to die. I know the answer to life. I feel complete.


I opened my eyes, and came flying back into my body. Into that original position where my hands were behind my head. It seemed like I was gone for an eternity. I learned so much in such little time. I had no more need for music, I got where I wanted to go just from uprising. I picked up my phone and I was scrolling Instagram, and it was a picture of Pepe the frog crying. It was actually a really funny post, but as soon as I saw the tears, it gave me bad vibes. I started thinking about my mom and what if she found me somewhere like this. I was convinced at this time that I am in a dream world and not my own body. I started to hear crying from somewhere. All of a sudden, I heard screaming and puking and crying from my whole family. I knew%u2026 that the trip was telling me to %u201Clook outside your room%u201D I didn%u2019t do it. I KNEW that it was playing a trick on me... and that was a build up for me realizing that I can%u2019t hide my drugs anymore. They were going to know and I fucked up this time. At that second, I thought to myself that maybe I%u2019m still by the toilet puking, and I%u2019m actually unconscious and my parents found me in there, and they think I%u2019m dead. I instantly became heartbroken. I was stuck in my mind and I couldn%u2019t do anything to let my parents know what%u2019s going on. I never ever thought the day would come where my parents would find out about me doing this and I was always so good at hiding it. I tried to erase these thoughts from my memory, but they wouldn%u2019t go away. This is where the trip took me on an egotistic ride. I could do anything I want, but at the sacrifice of my family%u2019s love. That%u2019s what it felt like to me. I started talking in hopes my family could hear me. I was really fucked up at this point, so anything I said came out dumb as hell, my sentences didn%u2019t make sense. It really sounded like I was dying. Every time I said something important, I felt an explosion of positive energy go off in my head. I was trying to think of what I did. I said out loud that I took 4 gel tabs of lsd and they were really strong. I felt as if my family was listening to everything I was saying. When I talked in my dream world, I was 99 percent sure that same stuff came out of my real physical mouth, the one I thought was dying. So I told my family slowly what was happening and how much I loved them. I had told them everything that I had ever hid from them. I was done with the lies. I had been doing badly in school and this trip was a wakeup call. I felt a very huge bond come between my mom and sister and step dad and I. I talked for hours while they listened and I realized how much I loved them. I was very slowly coming down though. I figured that if I came down enough, I would return back to my actual body ad they would be there waiting for me. I couldn%u2019t hear them talking back to me, so I had to assume a lot of things. One, I had no idea where my physical body was at. 2. I had no idea when I was going to come down enough. I did come down enough that the TV started working though and I could actually watch Peyton manning throw the ball without any of his talking bullshit. I started talking and watching the sports again. Anytime something crazy happened, sports center really did a good job of making it seem so monumental, and I always had a really big burst of energy when someone caught something or scored a big play. Anyways... skipping all the irrelevant stuff. I watched sports for a long time and then I was still stuck in this dream world after almost 3 hours. It was really fucking late, and I lost my phone. Anytime I went to check my phone for the time%u2026 or ANYTHING I COULDN%u2019T FIND IT. It was like the world didn%u2019t want me to know the time. It was fucked up. So every time I found my phone, the dude on TV would go... WAIT!!! And I would look up and lose it again. Finally I found it and it was 4 am. Holy fuck... I%u2019m still tripping BALLS and its 4?!!

I was still higher than hell%u2026 higher than any other trip had ever taken me and it was 3 hours after the peak. God help me. So I texted my friend Louis because I needed to know where the fuck my body was. He wouldn%u2019t answer because I and he got in a stupid little argument that day and I was being a dick. He didn%u2019t answer me and I really needed him to. My friend Dylan texted I and I explained to him hat I%u2019m in an emergency and he called me at this time%u2026 I was so thankful. I explained to him my problem, and he was shocked. I told him I needed a voice to snap me out of the dream world... and he did so we talked for a little bit, and I realized that I%u2019m going to have to confront my parents face to face. This is what the trip has been leading up t. the disappointment on my parents face because I was on heavy drugs. So I walked out of my room, and saw my sister%u2019s door was wide open, only she wasn%u2019t in the room. I walked downstairs, hung up on him thanking him, and saw my sister. Actually more like 4 of her because I was so fucked up. I saw her and said finally I%u2019m out of that mess and she said %u201Cwhat are you talking about%u2026%u2026?%u201D and I said wait you didn%u2019t hear what I said earlier, and she said no. so %u2026 I had to explain this entire story to her after I already had thought I told her. I was really n my actual body the entire time, I was just that fucked up that I didn%u2019t know it. We talked about some major issues and bonded really well. I went upstairs and started to play my new bass. The vibrations were echoing through me as I played notes and it felt amazing. I just wanted to write music, so I did. I came up with some really nice bass lines with the help of some psychedelics and I watched some movies on my phone. I ended up tripping from 1130 pm to 8 pm the next day. 20 hours. My hands and arms and head hurt so badly. I had consumed so much energy while tripping them anything I touched instantly ached my fingers. My body went through a lot that night. And now I have extreme motivation in life to do everything as good as I possibly can. It gave me a wakeup call and I vow never to take substances again.

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