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Salvia Trip - 17 minutes

Goddess and the Tunnel

Today was the day, the day I first tried salvia. My 20x salvia extract arrived in the mail and I immediately prepared it for my session. I grabbed .05g of the extract, loaded up the bowl, took a huge hit, held the smoke it for 30 seconds, and Boom! I was gone from the world.

In seconds, I burst out with laughter and I immediately entered this orange tunnel of light. The art from my didgeridoo was appearing on the walls of the tunnel. All of a sudden, a friend of mine gets on skype and when I looked at her, she became this golden entity. It looked a Hindu goddess  but with eyes all over her face. The entity was silent and kept pointing towards the end of the tunnel. Because I was in shock and in fear of losing myself, i fought back and tried to bring myself back to reality but it was to late. In a moment, I was in a tug of war with my mind and body. It felt like my body was being pulled from behind me and my mind was being pushed out of me.

I decided to close my eyes and i ended up in this dark green kaleidoscope void. I then laid back in my bed in which i had the heaviest body load. I completely forgot how to move and i was stuck to my bed. I eventually got up and the trip ended. The trip lasted about 16 minutes with a afterglow of 30 minutes. From then on, I  felt euphoric and blissful. The best way I  can describe the trip was it being confusing and overall surprising. I plan on doing more.

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