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Awesome First Trip

This is long, but I believe it's a very informative report for someone who has never tripped before.

This is long, but I believe it's a very informative report for someone who has never tripped before. Experienced trippers may find it "cute" =)


When I started college, I had never used any kind of controlled substance at all. I thought alcohol was a very big deal. Over the course of the year, my roommate slowly introduced me to the pleasantness of alcohol and later marijuana. The next year, I bumped into him at a party and joked how grateful I was to him for getting me into substance abuse. He took me aside and told me that he had tripped on mushrooms for the first time that day, and told me all about what it was like. I was really intrigued. Then next day, I did a search on the Internet and discovered the Lycaeum. I read all about what psilocybin is, what it does and doesn't do. I also discovered the Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide. I was amazed at how easy and cheap it appeared to be to grow mushrooms in the home. Unfortunately, because of my extremely "moral" roommates, it was not in any way an option. So I spent almost a full year reading all I could, mostly websurfing, understanding the nature of the mushroom and the psychadelic journey. Over the summer, I spent a while touring with Phish, and talked to a lot of people about their experiences with mushrooms and LSD.

This September, I felt very ready emotionally to trip, and to grow my own mushrooms. My new roommates were surprised, but very interested. Almost a full year after first wanting to, I finally began the PF growth process. It was a very fulfilling to watch them grow, and I really think this is the best way to obtain them.

The Trip

On a Sunday afternoon, with five of my closest friends, we ate a few mushrooms each, with a little orange juice. Four of us, two of whom had tripped once before, ate three, and two others, wanting a lesser trip, ate two.

For the first half hour, we just chilled in the garage, listening to Amorica, by the Black Crowes. We played with some toys; silly putty, Slinky, bubbles, etc. A few of us passed around a guitar. A very light mellow rain started to fall, and we decided to walk over to the park.

Once we got there, things were beginning to get interesting. No visuals, but everyone felt really really high. We all agreed that it was a very different, more clearheaded high than marijuana. To me, it felt like a very childlike happiness. A fascination with the entire world, and a complete lack of worries. We sort of ended up pairing off and exploring. One friend and I went into the bushes, looking at flowers and bugs, and even a wild mushroom =) Others played on the swings, looked at the clouds, etc. The light rain came back, and one guy was staring at the raindrops on a lightpole. I thought it would be even neater to spit on it, and watch it slowly ooze downward, but this grossed him out and he left. Then I took a stick and started drawing with my spit. This kept me busy for a good 15 minutes or so. When I finally looked up again, I felt about three years old. Everything just seemed really interesting. I was staring in the trash for a good while, when some random guy came along with his dog, and said, "You guys look like you just ate a whole bag of shrooms!" Half of us avoided him, me and one other chatted with him for a while. I played with his dog, and it was great to be licked and nuzzled by this big hairy creature. Then a mother and little kid came along, and we said hello to the child and decided to go back home. We stopped on the way to play in the mud and chase a flock of seagulls.

Once we got in, I had decided that this would be a fairly light trip. We went into a room, turned on Dark Side of the Moon, and all of a sudden noticed that the walls were moving! COOL!! From then on, nothing would stay still. The whole world seemed to be alive. We would go back and forth between looking out the window, trying to see as much as possible, and focusing on a tiny tiny section of carpet. We were all looking out the window, with the music blaring, and we saw a neighbor peeking at us through the curtains, which was really funny.

I went into the bathroom, and looked at myself for the first time. I felt a very strong love for myself, not narcissistic, just content. I watched my face move around in the mirror, and rejoined everyone else. We drank soda and felt the carbonation on our tongues. We imagined we were part of the carpet. The people who only ate two mushrooms weren't seeing anything, but were still having a great time.

The hallucinations became more intense as the day went on. I saw mushrooms growing out of the carpet, and when I closed my eyes it was like watching a kaleidoscope. The sun coming through the Venetian blinds was rainbowy, and the wood furniture was wavy. Looking out at my backyard, I felt like I was seeing the true spirit of Mother Nature.

As night descended, we sat around and talked about all kinds of things, while Miles Davis's Kind of Blue played in the background. I played a lot of guitar. In conversations and in my inner stream of conciousness, I felt a great clarity and perceptiveness, like I was able to tap into thoughts I had always had but never really known about. I felt like it was a good, focused look at my true self, and I was very happy with what I saw. We watched the sun set, and I knew I would never be the same.

Later that night, the most sober one drove us to see a large gathering of friends. It was really cool to be in the car, moving through the city, with the music on. When we arrived, I felt a great love for everybody, and very lucky to have them all. For the next half hour, I was still seeing minor pulsings in the walls, but nobody had any idea I was tripping. I was able to focus when necessary without trouble, and have normal conversations. I came home that night and fell happily asleep.


Since then, especially for the first week for so after, I have had a new appreciation for the world around us. I have tried very hard to think about others, and how my actions affect them and the earth.

This trip was one of the most important experiences of my life. I am going to trip again soon, at night this time, and I await the adventures the mushroom holds for me.

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