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Amanita muscaria strangest dream

stupid 2 fresh medium whole mushies

So, one day I had to meet my friends in the afternoon and I thought it would be cool to hate some amanitas in the morning.

I was hungry at 10 am and cooked two whole medium sized amanitas and hate them with bread. My friends came at 11am because I missed one message on the phone telling me that. Things start to get wrong.

We then went to a cafè where we had something to drink, in my case coffee because I wasnt sure about what was about to come and my plans were already fucked up. On the road to the bar I can't operate my friends' mp3 reader properly, but I was still quite functional.

We start chatting and by midday my mind starts to shift at a freaking high speed, and I wasn't able to understand what was going on. Luckily I told my friends what was going on before not being able anymore so they were prepared. At one point they patiently helped me through my mind's labyrinths and I realize we need to move. I had obviously strong difficulties in operating myself properly, peaking in me trying to understand normal situation in what felt to me like hours, in which I saw reality in still images sequencies that I coudnt connect.

My friends lays me down on the sofa and I start sleeping. I then dont remember anything until five hours later, when I first wake up conscious for the first time; my friends said that they woke me up a couple of times to check if I was still able to live but I don't remember anything about that. They said I was pretty scared tho

At six hours mark into the nothing I woke up after doing the craziest dream I ever remember in my life, having quite an experience in this kind of things as I once started writing down my own dreams once since I was doing some very crazy ones.
By the way, the dream starts with the image of a woman looking to a spir tree through a window, but I realize I am the woman. Or at least, I see myself as the front side of a woman chest, more like just the skin layer of the front of a woman chest. I then notice that I'm waking up as a different person, and start freaking out, saying that I already had that strange sensation many times in my life while a woman voice tells me that she already had that sensation too in her life. Notice that I never felt that sensation for real. After that the dream go on a loop in which the first play audio blend with the second one and so on, until I can finally woke up after six or seven loops.

I then woke up pretty scared and I notice I'm still fucked up greatly, with my arms and legs twitching wild and so I remember what happened. I try to remember something but without help; I then call my friends in order to check if I fucked up something but they said it was fine but scaring.
I go back sleeping and after two hours I woke up needing some water, since I wasnt drinking since something like 12 hours. I then almost instantly jet puke almost 1.5 liters of liquids in two or three shots without being really able to hold it until I reach the bathroom.

Please use amanitas carefully and start low in order to understand the potency of your mushies (mine were wild gathered and fresh); read throughly about preparations and recipes and don't think you can do like shamans while you have little experience. Amanitas are nothing like mushies, or other psychedelics so please be safe; I had already fucked my self up badly before this with 600mcg of acid in a bad setting but it didnt help me with not fucking up on amanitas too. I had extensive drugs experience and it didnt helped. It was my first time with them exception made for another one in which I took half a medium cap but didnt feel nothing.

I was wondering if my dream was about my very first moment in this world as we used to have a stir tree in front of window on the second floor when I was a child and since I remember seeing thmy self as the front side skin layer of a woman chest from the belly point of view. Obviously nobody can say that and it may just be coincidences, but the loop thing and the voice responding to me makes me think it's possible, even if Im still more on the side of a fucked up brain's delusion.

Thanks for reading, please be safe!

Much love

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