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3000ug nbome

a warning for others

There are two main characters in this story myself (X) and my girlfriend (Y). I am 17 years old and so is Y

It was about 7 months ago myself and my partner decided to try some n-bome, I spoke to a friend of mine who sold me 24 tabs (these were potent 1000ug tabs). Myself and Y went into her shed around 4 in the afternoon and decided how many to take, I took 3 and she took 2 ( I'd done n-bome and lsd so many times before so i thought 3 wouldn't be a big deal at all and my partner had never done drugs except for smoking weed). We sat in there for about 20 minutes and could begin to feel it, we both got hungry and decided we would take the train to this beautiful restaurant in the city, once we got on the train and sat down we could both feel it kicking it hard and it wasn't the best feeling but I didn't mind too much. So we finally got off the train, walked to the restaurant and sat down ready to order, about 10 minutes later i felt so overwhelmed and told her we need to leave this is getting to much( because i didn't know how intense the trip would be from 3000ug). So we walked away and went straight back to the train station to go back to her house, this is where the night started to get bad. We both arrived at the station with the train leaving in 2 minutes (the trains only run every 30 minutes because its nighttime) and we quickly rushed to the train, almost stepped onto it but the doors literally closed in my face and i was so frustrated, i could feel the trip becoming too much and just wanted to be somewhere safe. I went and sat down on some chairs and felt awfully sick, so i threw up whilst the visuals started to appear, everything was spinning but it did not make my head spin in a nauseous way, it was just the images i saw seeing. After sitting there for awhile we walked over because it was only 10 minutes until the train comes and my girlfriend saw her old highschool friend and her boyfriend, she walked over to them and that's when i lost myself, she took the girl aside and started speaking in this other language and being all touchy feely and i literally could not comprehend weather it was real or not, it was all so intense. So that happened we walked away and stood there waiting for the train, i tried to explain to my girlfriend how i can't tell if that really happened or not and she explain to me that her and the other girl made up some silly language and were the best of friends back in highschool and i was utterly relieved. Finally the train came and we got on and sat down, at this point the trip was too intense for me to handle, i had my my girlfriend clinging onto me whilst i had the ambulances number in my phone in the other hand, i was freaking out badly, i just wanted it to stop. The train started to move and halfway to being back at her place, this group of kids got on the train and when they got on one of them made this repulsive loud sound because there was hardly any seats and he was too fat, so he went up to this guy and was like "you going to move or what", i couldn't believe how rude he was, but i was tripping to hard to even want to focus on that. Once that finished i kept saying to my girlfriend that i couldn't handle this and i need to ring someone to help me, i said this over and over and then one of the kids heard me and at the top of his voice said "are you having a cocaine overdose" and my mind literally stopped for a second and i wanted to die, everyone around me looked up and stared at me, it was painful and so embarrassing but i acted swiftly and said "no im fine, just leave me alone". Five or so minutes after that we got of the train and went back to my girlfriends, layed in her bed and this is where the trip became something i will never forget, the most intense thing iv'e ever experienced that has now made me scared of drugs forever. We layed there and it was somewhat magical, the visuals were intense but good, my girlfriend stars to kiss me and i said im tripping to hard i cant kiss you at the moment

and then she starts rambling on about if i really want to be with her and do i see a future with her, do i love her and i responded with yes of course, so then she says lets have sex and i said i don’t think i can I am sorry, i feel to sick and to overwhelmed. She starts crying and expressing millions of different subtle emotions that scares me and i try to calm her down but she pushes me away and tells me i don’t love her(now things just get more intense) i lay there and the whole world around me starts to go into a loop, she’s repetitively happy and smiling then stars balling her eyes out, over and over in the exact same way every-time, my girlfriend starts asking me questions like " how would you feel if we got arrested" , " how would you feel if your mum found out" and after she said these things i head police sirens and thought it was all real, that i was just tripping so hard that i thought we were in her room but really we were somewhere else just loosing out minds. the final thing that was significant i remember her saying was " X this drugs completely nukes your brain, it kills you with just one tab" at that moment i "knew" i was dead, she leaned over me and started crying saying i was the best partner ever, saying we had a wonderful life together, she explain things that made me out to be some low life street criminal with a teenage pregnant girlfriend( you know those type of people) and i couldn’t believe it, she kept referring to the day and date "Wednesday July 25th" (which was when I done it) and every-time i picked up my phone and looked at the day and date on my phone screen and it said that, i was suck in the repetitive loop for such a long time, i don’t think i'll ever forget that date. After that I started to come down and realised I was alive, I felt like I was tripping for hours and hours but really the trip ended around 9-10pm and afterwards we talked about how fucked up that was and how we weren’t each other and she couldn’t control the way she was acting, to this day I wish that trip never happened, it makes me feel sick thinking of ever being that overwhelmed by drugs, I consider it the worst feeling in the world. Ultimately it brought us closer and made us appreciate each other more but please if you take the time to read through this and do ever consider doing n-bome, do not make the mistake I did, personally I’d say 1000ug is a more than enough.

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