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Aussie beach trip

It was the winter of 1998(a damn cold winter)and I was at my friend anita's fathers house in the country(not that we have any citys in tasmania).

It was the winter of 1998(a damn cold winter)and I was at my friend anita's fathers house in the country(not that we have any citys in tasmania)...........We were absolutely bored shitless, so decided to go say hello to the cows and have a bit of a look for some golden tops, the most common type of mushies down there.
After a long but suprisingly successful wander around the paddock we arrived back to the inviting warmth of the house with around 15 fresh mushrooms.

Anxious to get started we put the lot in a saucepan to boil for a while.....
About 15 to 20 minutes later we were excited, and the mushies were ready.We went into the lounge room, drank our hot chocolates & rolled a nice big joint to help the trip along.

Pretty soon I was getting a case of the stretches(this I get every time I take mushies)and my hands began to get that puffy type fuzzy look to them-this was going to be a good trip,I could feel it!

Anita, by this time had a huge grin on her face, just like me.pretty soon we wre laughing hysericly, not at anything impartictular just the picture we were drawing ,you see we kept seeing new-and very very funny things to draw(trees,faces,pixies,houses,mushrooms etc etc)..The carpet was merging into shapes & swirls as well which was amusing

After giggling and being silly for around 1/2 an hour we came to the conclusion that we should go down to the beach.We got all wrapped up in our warm clothes(which made me feel a bit like a balloon),we ventured outside.

It was like entering an entire new world Both of us were captivated by the beauty of the trees and the rocks on the road..By the time we got to the top of the drive-way we felt that we were a part;were connected to every thing around us it was magical..

We took a left and headed down to the beach, laughing and talking all the while......we began to talk about Alice in Wonderland, and this is about the time I experienced something really weird.I discovered that as I walked I was getting first taller then smaller over and over again.
This I found so amazing that I just had to share it with Anita.Soon we discovered that it had something to do with looking at the power poles as we walked past them.After that we lost interest.

About 5 minutes later Anita mentioned how very bouncy the rocks on the road seemed,so we decided to explore them for a while and ended up drawing patterns in the road.

Eventually we made it down to the beach, this was another world again the water seemed so vast and stuff.........ish.
It was almost scary how big the water was,so we sat in the baot on the shore and had a cigarette.It looked like there were little fairy type things playing in the froth at the shores edge....after a while this was disturbing so we decided to walk.

We walked along the beach looking for spots(to sit,to play etc)and avoiding the water as it was dark(the water).We found a log that was hollowed by a fire,and found that it was the most comfortable place EVER.It even looked soft...I can hardly remember what happened next so consuming was that log,but i have a vague memory of hunting for crabs.

Soon enough we discovered that we were bloody freezing and the sound of a joint and fire were calling us back home. The walk home was fairly uneventful apart from the way the paddocks were rippling and the rocks on the road glowing slightly.

Arriving home was heaven,we had an endless supply of pot to smoke for the rest of the night and a very warm open fire,Anita also had a box of paints.After painting on paper for ten minutes or so we decided that it was boring so began to paint on our arms and faces and legs and so on....
Quite amusing!!! It beagn to dry though so we went and jumped in the bath,which was fun because the water turned blue,when i got out I was convinced my skin was blue too.

In a contented warm bubble by the fire I smoked a cigarette and fell asleep.I woke in the morning feeling fantastic and not in the slightest dregged....

(P.S>>Anita and I are the best of buddies and have knowen each other since birth,Ive only ever had one trip without her,and that was with my boyfriend...She is the best tripping partner ever)

Anyhow that was one of my best trips ever & although it's hard to get across in writing I hope you enjoyed reading it....ta-ra!!!!!!

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