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4FA and a few roll techniques

A person on probations godsend

4FA- 4fluoroamphetamine I believe. So my friends were rolling molly but I couldnt because I get regularly drug tested. So my friends brother pulls out a bag of what looks kinda like brown sugar that he ordered from China before it was illegal. He gives me about 120 mg, and I swallow it. Now i have a pretty high tolerance, so an hour later i snort about 125 mg more. That did it for me. I was rolling pretty good, but its a much different roll from molly. The correct term is still rolling, but its not a hyped and horny roll like molly. All I wanted to do was cuddle and apparently I couldnt shut up. I had brought my beats headphones and blasted Logic. For whatever reason, Logic is my favorite when im rolling. he has a scenic back yard and i walked around, ripped 2 or so cigs, and vibed out. it was amazing.

 If you ever want to roll at home- this is it. because I ended up having to go home to make gingerbread houses with my family. The 4fa gives off no physical signs- face not flushed, cant smell it, eyes dont dilate, and you can control yourself. my gingerbread house was so beautiful lmao but my parents didnt notice at all and it cant be tested for.

Anyways, if you ever do it, snap as many slappies as you can. (Bowl of tobacco from a cigarette in a bong). This heightens the experience so much. After i made the gingerbread houses, i went back to my friends house. I redosed by snorting about 220 mg more. (4FA is much safer for your body versus molly, and I took supplements so its relatively safe. as far as doing drugs goes.) I cuddled with my friend for almost 2 hours, all the while experimenting with rolling techniques. Ill make a table below- these heightened my roll exponentially. After this cuddle sesh- (literally just cuddling and hickies. we didnt wanna hook up- the difference between 4fa and molly.) I walk down to the pool and snap the fattest slappy of my life. i was domed out of my mind so i put on my headphones and ran around. whenever your roll is coming down- smoke some weed, or if youre like me and cant tobacco works very well.

My roll techniques

Deep breathing- really deep and slow breaths in and out from your mouth makes you bleed euphoria and pleasure from your bones. breath from your stomach.
If you breath in/ out with one of them being from your nose, it gave me a euphoric buzz in the back of my brain. inexplicable and amazing.

CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE- clenching your fists- My friend was rolling molly and after discovering this couldnt stop clenching his fists the whole night. thats how amazing it is. dont just clench- stretch your fingers as far as you can and then extend them as far down your palm as you can- then "rake" them up into a fist. its literally amazing.

fingernails- take your thumb and kind of push your fingernails sideways. its kinda hard to explain, but if you do it right youll definitely know. it feels great.

the clenching thing with your feet- crack your toes. its so satisfying.

THE PLATONIC CATASTROPHE RULE- Rolling is a "Platonic Catastrophe". in other words, you shouldn't and really cant be accountable for sexual actions done. So always roll with someone of the opposite sex, (or same sex if youre into that). but having someone youre attracted to and being able to kiss them and feel their skin is literally the best thing you could ever do. Especially in water. Showers are 10/10 but be careful- youll get dehydrated very quickly. Molly raises your body temp and dehydrates you regardless.

Music- heavy bass when peaking on 4fa was the best thing ever. right at my peak i watched the "Where are u now" video by justin bieber. It literally blew my mind- my jaw dropped for about 4 minutes. then watch "LSD" by Asap Rocky. This will do that as well. 

Thats all i have for now- but sometime I will make a complete roll/trip guide of techniques. Drugs are about the experience- if I can help people have as amazing experiences as I have every time I'd be more ththan happy to.

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