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525 mg of MDMA and Cannabis hallucinations

Is there such thing as too much?

Ok so it was about 2 months ago, and I was at a friends house. Im going to refrain from using names, of course. Anyways, his bro is basically a god. He gave us a big ol' rock of 97% pure MDMA and said have fun. So, me being me, a person who's mindset is when I get turnt im gunna get turnt all the way, snorted 200 mg as an initial dose. after everyone else was feeling great, I snorted another 200 mg. Maybe an hour later with my rolling ass decided, well, may as well and popped a 100 mg pil and finished my friends line, which was about 25 mg. So by now i'm rolling harder than anyone ever has before. Picture this: a 16 year old boy rolling for his first time on molly with a maximum dose in a hot tub moving his legs back and forth and basically raping himself. I was just sitting there rubbing my pecks because skin is most definitely the best thing ever when rolling. The whole night is somewhat a blur- all I know is I almost had a threesome with two beautiful girls but they were both virgins and a sober person stopped us. Luckily. But it was about time to go to bed, and my friend who did maybe 350 mg couldnt stop clenching his fists. (even when he woke up, he couldnt stop and thats how we got caught hahha) So, we decide it would be a good idea to snap a few bowls. I snapped the 2 fattest bowls I have ever snapped. I didnt even feel the pain at all hahaha. but when were walking back up, i realize everything is purple. And then shit gets weird. Every time I make eye contact with someone, I became paralyzed for what felt like 15 minutes but was actually about 3 seconds. As I would be looking at them, their bodies would disappear and their heads would slowly get boxed. Then, they would become veeerrryyyyy elaborate comic strips. While it sounds cool, I wanted nothing more than for it to stop. By this time, I notice my friend that was clenching his hands acting really scared of me. Hes bigger and more intimidating than me, but come to find out he started seeing things too. He thought I was super black. Now im a very white person so apparently I looked really scary and flat out ugly. So the whole night when we were trying to sleep he was insanely scared of me hahaha. I know i didnt cover most of the roll- but it was just like every roll report youve ever read. A bunch of hyped up horny teens. You know the deal.

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