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Attacked by Bugs

It was a Tuesday night up at my college.

It was a Tuesday night up at my college. One of my buddies, JP, had gone home the weekend earlier and scored a good amount of mushrooms. The plan was to take them on the upcoming Friday but JN was too excited and couldn't wait that long.

We each ingested roughly 5 grams, enough to make us ballz hard. Knowing that this night would require lots of pot, we all threw in for an 1/8 of dank. Everything was set for a great trip.

As we walked down the hallway of our dormitory, the three of us started to feel a little funny. JP said we should go smoke. He rolled a joint and we went to a cave nearby. As we puffed JP started to get scared. "Yo, We have to go back inside." I told him to wait until we were done smoking. We finished the joint so JR and I managed to roll another.

JP started to bug. "Who am I? What's my name? Shit, I don't know my name? Where am I?" I answered all his questions and ran him inside. After about twenty minutes of these questions I told him to shut up. Somehow, this worked and he calmed down.

The walls started to breath around us and the only color we could see was yellow. I took a breath and was pleasantly surprised. It tasted yellow! "What does yellow taste like?," you ask. I have no idea, but at that moment the only thing I could taste is yellow.

Inside was fun but I wanted to explore outside again. JP was all for it, but JN was afraid that JP would bug out so he stayed inside. We rolled a few joints for the walk and were on our way.

We decided to walk to this cliff along the Hudson River, the most beautiful site one could ever see tripping or not. To get to this spot we had to walk across campus and then across some train tracks. These train tracks looked scary as hell. You can see about 2 miles in each direction, but it is pitch black. Your mind can only wonder what is in the darkness.

As we were crossing the tracks, I heard a noise. "Hey JP, do you hear a train?," I said. He heard the noise to. We ran across the tracks and dove into the bushes, not wanting to get hit by the train or having the engineer see us. We waited a few moments for the train but it didn't come. I took a look a JP and we both came up with the conclusion that no train was coming. As we stood up, the train starts whizzing past us fifteen feet away. Scared, I tackle JP and hold him down and we're both screaming. He jumps up and starts yelling that he's getting electricuted. I start jumping in the air swatting at my legs which are being attacked by stinging bees.

The train passes completely and we run out of the bushes. We take a few deep breaths and realize that we made it all up. It was the scariest moment of my life.

We returned to the dorm, scared as hell. JN just couldn't understand what we went through. Nobody else can either. For those 30 seconds, I was dying.

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