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Brother&Sister Camping Trip of Terror

Fear will force you to other places.

My sister and I are active in the counterculture so to speak. This was not our first rodeo by any means. Her not nearly as much and myself are both accustomed to heavy trips.

We arrive at a campground we have just recently discovered that is usually empty and contains simply mystical vegetation all around.
Set up camp. Take a hike. Drop as soon as we get back to camp around 6pm. Approx 7.5 hits a piece.

Within the hour, I can hardly walk. The physical world in front of me was losing all form. I came up hard and then started to enjoy my family tripping trip.
It then seemed, in an instant, the sun had completely set and we had one single tiki torch. There was no moonlight that night. It was near complete darkness.seem 

Headlamps can be useful or very very annoying depending on the user. My sister, as much as she loves them, is not meant for headlamps.
Her physical movements seem to start to panic and her headlamp was beaming all around and in my eyes multiple times a minute. Your eyes will lose their adjustment to the dark as soon as that light hits you so i could hardly see in these already ominous, dark woods. The sudden flashes of light cause an effect on me that leaves shadowy figures in the background of everything and surrounded.

Terror ensues and we end up in the tent that has no cover and is open to the outside lying down beside one another. We were in the midst of a swarm of evil shadow demons, surrounded in our tent. Tried to turn on a movie on a cell phone but was too far gone to get it done. We just lie there in absolute fear.

Eventually, I just broke completely. Broke into worlds upon worlds, experiencing nothing i can "word" for you. 
Many of the following experiences were dark and otherworldly. The most memorable though being of possibility in this existence. I lived from that moment on from the campgrounds all the way to an old man that had lived in an institution since soon after the camping trip. I had to experience all of it as "me" though, the me that "knows" this isn't even real but i have no outlet from the life in the experience. I had to endure.

Once chaos made its leave, the come down was great. Whiskey and other favors. . .


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