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19g of Good Cubes

You've been there and understood or you havent

Keep in mind that I'm accustomed to heavy trips of different trips and have always had an unfortunately high tolerance for most things. 

I'm in my own home.
I am alone. 
I've at least halfway fasted the passed few days due to this time being planned. I gather myself and ingest the cubes (I'm not sure of exact species). This required a large amount of fluid to drink for me.Never again though. Having to let loose that often during all of it just doesn't add to the experience.
I put a playlist on of DJ Lorn's Ancient Realms and left it on a pretty nice setup of speakers. I made sure herb was prepared just in case. Things can and will goes all kinds of ways.
I actually didn't smoke the entire trip until it was downtime nor did i smoke a cig. . .due to the bliss of the infinite eternity that merged with me soon after. 

After approx 2 hours into it i recalled buying a case of nitrous cartridges. That started and did not cease throughout the trip unless I got pulled through just enough.
For the most part of the trip I had your typical self illumination from this light that reminded me of the same light usually present within dmt trips.
The visuals were insane fractals, colors, depth, etc. . .but none of that compared to everywhere else this night brought me. The residing visuals were still of gorgeous fractals.

The feeling was a consistent and strong feeling of bliss in all the ways. It felt like being on the cusp of your greatest orgasm stretched out without a drop in the intensity.
Of course i experience what many refer to as dying/rebirth over and over. I found myself crying puddles (A friend actually showed up after I've been coming down for a while and told me that he had and called and i was crying hysterically and told him to come by and a mix of other odd dialogue.) I found myself laughing, well really just stayed in that peak feeling of laughter. 
All this seemed to stay within the "story" the music was aiding in creating for me. Short clips of a dialogue or sounds in nature, especially the sound of the ocean washing onto a beach, would place me into whoever and all that I was I envisioning. Experiencing it from something/somewhere more than deep.

I'm not entirely sure of the duration of the trip here in this world.

I'm not entirely sure how much of the cubes were responsible for the trip. Four hours after the trip I felt a bit nauseous and anytime that comes along i go ahead and induce vomiting and get it over with. . .and there were quite a few mushies present.

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