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First salvia expedition

Putting my toes in the water with a 10x extract


This is a documentation of my first Salvia Divinorum experience. To add some context, it was a comfortable night. I was in my bedroom with my younger brother trip sitting me. I'm a 19  year old male, weigh 75kg's and over the course of the night i smoked about 250mg's of a 10x extract that I ordered online. 

I sat on my carpet, notepad and pen in hand to document my travels and loaded up a bong. 

My first attempt was at 22:20. I loaded the bong with a small amount of salvia and tried lighting it with my "micro torch 3000". It was unsuccessful and didn't create much smoke. Not having a screen, it must have fallen straight through. I solved this issue by laying a small foundation of weed and building half a bowl with the extract

At 22:22, I smashed the bong properly, this time filling it with thick smoke which I inhaled and held for 30 seconds (which is harder than I thought). I knew that it was time to lie down and slowly fell backwards. This sent me on a level 2 trip or A on the S A L V I A scale. The whole world started turning as if I was on a ferris wheel. I found myself spinning towards a woman but she was far off and it was clear that I would never reach her. All senses and feeling was scrambled, yet I could feel her inviting me towards her. I accepted the invite. 

22:34. By this time, thought had returned to being more rational. I packed 3/4 of a bowl and after smoking it, felt more of what I felt the first hit. I was still far away from the woman. I repacked the bowl, right to the top. I was determined to reach her. 

At 22:43 I hit the bong for a last time that night. The effects were tremendous. 

Everything that I knew, felt and thought, basically my entire universe, became a window. The window started spinning horizontally, as if I was stationary inside a tire. The window, my universe, span faster and faster until I found myself in a large room filled with these windows. I couldn't see what was behind them, but could feel their presence and knew that they were portals to different realities and realms. 

The woman was there, leaning on a barrier. She invited me in but I humbly refused. She seemed happy that I had chosen to not go further and I felt welcomed to come back anytime. 

I was still surrounded by different universes at this point but I knew which one was mine. I suddenly got scared, worrying that I would return to the wrong reality. This wasn't necessary in the end (obviously) and I returned to rationality. 

It was now 23:00 and I was glad to be back. My brother left my room once I had finished documenting the findings and I headed to bed. 

It was a beautiful experience and I will definitely return to break through the next barrier. Overall I'd say it was a level 3 or L trip. This plant deserves a lot of respect and when used correctly, becomes a beautiful teacher. 

Thanks for reading this far and have a great day. 

Happy tripping ;) 


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