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The Egg and Bacon Synthesis

Good morning!

    Well.  Where to start? Good morning to you sirlaydyor?  
 Ida like to start with the fact that ive been blown up. Burnt out, strung out, and just fucking deep in every substance this man could possibly get their hands on for im guessing 12 years or so. And strangely and thankfully my body and my soul still remain. A little old for my age maybe. But as of yet no concerning complications have. arizen? Ive dibbled and dabbed and am quite fond of stabbing myself with certain substances. But lately ive come to realize the implications of my actions and have done away with all the impatients and misconduct as i see fit. Lately, as in, ide say the last whole year. Ive come to notice that another genera of substances has become my new fancy. 
       Food. Yes belive it or not food is my, new? Addiction. We all must eat to live and we all feed on life. 
       I am. here today to belive it or not tell you about the life giving properties of an egg and bacon meal. From t to t minus.......whatever.
      Soo,  ill begin to notice the effects of this breakfast concoction a few months back. Ide explain it as an uplifting expeirence from first taste to the effect gained by digestion. Im serious. I know it sounds hysterical but its real to me. Maybe you should try it for research purposes of coarse. 
      First bite. Omg this is awsome i woke up hung over but all of a sudden im not. 
      Upon finishin 4 slices of bacon fried extra crispy and 3 eggs fried over easy i now feel full.
      I am ready to begin my day and whatever challenges await. Even if i dont think so. Or if i am hit with th3, ohh shit not now. Its almost like speed but without the euphoric high were all aware of. I can get up off th couch and go to the county college and actually go see the councelor even though im extremly anxious doing things like this but, i do it anyway.
The end.


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