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at the chill spot

we were all hanging out at my buddy's house, its about 6 PM.

we were all hanging out at my buddy's house, its about 6 PM. his parents are having this little booze party and theyre all shitfaced ready to go to the casino. we're all pumped to eat these crazy blue psylocibes. it feels like all night we're waiting for his mom to leave. finally she comes into the room where we're all playing halo 2 and says "ok, we're all leaving. DO NOT touch our booze. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT!!!" my bud says "don't worry bout it". so they leave and we all eat our shrooms. note that this is my first time doin them my two buddies had done em a couple of times. so i chow em down with some doritos (yuck!) and 45 minutes later, around 6:50 the room instantly clicks to a green shade, and the brother who is sitting on the couch lighting up a bowl starts to distort. he turns into a bugeyed slim jim! it was hilarious. i suddenly lose complete interest in halo 2. our buddy who just got his liscense comes to pick us up in his van and thats when things start to fall apart. people would be having a normal conversation and bits of it would cease to make any sense at all. we're all preparing to go to this secret "chill spot" we discovered a few months ago, ready to make a campfire and sit around tripping out and smoking weed. note, that i am a fan of the reefer as well. so, we start driving and everything is falling apart. everyones conversations are a series of timed jibberish. it was as if the words in a sentence were replaced with nothing. in fact, i was forgetting the english language and even who i was and who i was with. i started to dislike being in the van and in this weird coat, which i almost forgot how to put on. we all get out and hike to the chill spot. we had to walk up a large drumlin to get there, and the forest starts to appear very ominous. but, i shrug it off and we make it to the spot. we all get comfortable and get the fire started beautifully. at this moment, im just flyin around enjoying myself. every so often peoople would rip on me for just standing around smiling, but i didnt care. time ceased to make any difference. i kept checking what time it was, and it meant absolutely nothing to me. then, i start to wonder why life plays in a completely linear pattern and why i only live MY life and think i should be able to live everyone elses. i was truely fucked at that point! occasionally a spark would fly up from the fire and hit me in the face. one even hit me in the eye. but i didnt care. the warmth of the fire was feeling mighty nice. so we sit there and chill out lightin up bowls with a burning twig from the fire, enjoying ourselves. two hours pass and im still tripping. suddenly, we hear voices. it sounds like someone is yelling at us. we all pussy out and run down the hill. im just flying down there, feeling like im on the moon and about to defy gravity alltogether. i make it down there, ready to get into more adventures, no longer willing to chill out, just to walk around in a circle, if need be. we all group together again and realize how big of pussies we were just then. and im the first one going back there, ready to put up a fight, no matter how tough these guys are. everyones got my back at this moment. i trudge into the pitch dark forest. now, you would think that shrooms+dark,scary woods=freaking out. on the contrary! if there were a pack of bloodthirsty lions in those woods, i was ready to put my fist through their faces. so it turns out, the guys were gone and our fire was still burning. we all head home. i lie down on the couch and watch tv. this is where i start to realize shit morphing and how my life connects perfectly with the shape of a mushroom. i feel as if im some sort of moss (or fungus!) creeping along the floor, just as if what i ate, i had become. then i realize that all lifes imperfections and good/bad decisions form the shape of the mushroom, layer upon layer. an hour or so later, around 12, i head to bed, although i cant fall asleep for another 2 hours. i keep thinking i hear my dad takin a piss in the next room and it keeps me awake. i could see shapes moving on and off eachother like the internal organs of some microscopic life. around 2 i started to nod off and shortly after, fall into a deep sleep, content with my hallucinogenic night!

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