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My first real trip

Stuck in an infinite loop

Before I begin, this isn't my story but I have received permission to tell it. Any time I use "I" is strictly for narrative purposes.

I have taken mushrooms twice before, but never experienced what I experienced thanksgiving weekend.

I had a pretty great flush my first time around. After seperating 39.6g wet from the rest of my harvest, I sat there with my beautiful girlfriend staring these things down. I look at her and she gives me the "go for it" look. So I decide I should waste no time and break out the blender and OJ and decide to make the most vile OJ I had ever tasted. Realizing we had just recently eaten dinner about 2.5 hours prior to blending, I decide to put the glass in the fridge and wait another 2.5 hours to drink my magic. We chill for a bit, watch The hobbit Battle of the five armies extended edition, and I proceed to exit the room and head to the fridge. I drink the drink as fast as I can, knowing just how bad it was going to taste. I go back upstairs and sit back on my bed, we chat for a few minutes and end up having sex. About 15-20 mins into making love to my incredibly beautiful girlfriend, I feel the most extreme sense of euphoria fall over me. The tv was still on and I notice the lights seem noticeably different. Another 10 minutes or so go by and we finish up, and upon finishing my orgasm, I am plunged into the most euphoric and pleasant experience of my life to date. She turns the light on and all that I can manage to say is WOW. 
My curtains were wavy, the light seemed to be almost pulsating, and I still feel an overwhelming joy throughout my body and mind.
She asks "you feel it at all?" I just smile and say "uh-huh".

After an hour my vision becomes even more hazy. Things start flowing and breathing more heavily. My arms look like they belong on stretch Armstrong, and I feel like I am a floating brain looking down at a body that I know belongs to me.
I look at my girlfriend and just scream out "I can't believe this and I can't believe how truly beautiful you are"

Now comes the uncontrollable laughing. My girlfriend makes some horribly bad but remarkably cute joke and I start giggling like a little girl. This persisted for the next 4 hours.

Next came faces, they were all totally different, yet all looked like the same thing. As if they were a 3D model or a CGI modeled after one face. Hard to describe that one.

Suddenly I am taken into oblivion. I mean total oblivion, and the only thing keeping me in reality was the 1/2" socket I found in my jacket, and my girlfriends presence. I told my girlfriend I love her repeatedly, as I was totally sure I would never return to reality to see her precious face. I rolled over and curled up into a ball while I experienced the most scary and wonderful darkness. I rolled back over, told her I'm sorry for leaving and that I loved her dearly, and rolled over again and experienced the same effects for what seemed like an eternity within my own mind. This repeated for what I was told was nearly 2.5 hours. The only words uttered from the start of my hallucinations were "I love you" and "holy fuck".
 Then I was back. It was like I never left, but was still gone for a lifetime. The feeling I felt when looking at my girlfriend after "returning" was the most joy I may have ever felt for anyone or anything. I was so pleased that she was still there after my journey. I proceeded to come down while watching the hobbit again and smoking some dank Purple Urkle and passed out.
+1 for magical experiences 

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