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At Peace

I had been interested in takin pschydelics for a wile and after ample research I purchased an eighth of p.

I had been interested in takin pschydelics for a wile and
after ample research I purchased an eighth of p.
cubensis mushrooms from a friend. Since it was my
first time experiencing anything like this I decided to ask
my best friend to attend and I would give him a cap and
a small stem.

We decided to go very prepared. We wanted to trip at a
local park which contained a grassy hill, a shallow pool,
nature trails, and a "water temple" structure. With us
we brought a cd player with Floyd and other necessary
tunes. We also had a koosh ball, cigarettes, a note pad
and other tripping gear.

We arrived at the park around noon. We set up our
blanket and everything else we brought with us. I
immadiately ate my mushrooms and chased them with
some orange juice. my friend also ate what i had given

In about an hour i felt the need to explore our area. I
began to walk all over the paths and the various areas
within this park. Evrythin seemed so brilliant to me. All
colors were awesome and evrything was much funnier
in my mind. For a while I just walked around the park
with no purpose. I tried to concentrate on a destination
but was inable to. Finally, I decided to return to the
blanket. I believe the Doors were luring me back.

On the way there I stepped on a thorn in the grass and
the pain imediately dropped me to the ground. It was
very painful but it didn't seem as if the pain was mine.
We I picked up my foot, I felt as if I were a doctor
repairing a hurt animal. It was as if a procedure was
taking place. Eventually I made it back to the blanket.

Upon arrival I began to lie down but immeadiately felt
the need t walk around. At this point I couldn't look at
my frined without hysterically laughing. I took my cigs
and moved over about tenyards. I lated down in the
grass, and then removed my shirt. I layed all the way
back looking directly up. I began to feel as if I was
sinking into the earth. I was slowly dripping downinto
the earth. I was not alarmed but welcomed these

As I peered into the sky colorful fractals danceed above,
and all the scenery seemed wavey like there was
natural gas being released from the groung. I saw a
plane above me and immeadiately the entire sky was
carpeted by jumbo jets. I lit a cigarette and moved my
hands around for a few minutes watching them "trail."
Suddenly the glowing tip of my cigarette transformed
into a snake slithering above me but not prviding a
threat. I relaxed here for a while and them went down to
the water pool.

I dipped my feet into the water and felt divided into to
different worlds. The water's surfacing appeared real
one second but the next I would see the surface
morphing and floating above the pool's rim. I looked
down into the two foot deep pool and couldn't image the
depth of it. I slowly lowered my feet in an attempt to
touch the bottom. Every centimeter I moved my feet
down felt like thousands of feet. Before touching
thebottom I returned to my original sitting ostion
thinking it too deep to touch. I got wierded out by the
depth of that pool, so I stood up and began to explore a

I walked along this trail and fought asmall opening. I
sat down and smoked a few cigarettes. The heavier
effects were dwindling but I was still very much tripping.
I began to burntwigs with my lighter and singe the
edges of bushes. fire seemed utterly amazing. I
seemed to be able to comprehend the utter power and
beauty of the flame. Luckily I thought of the dangers of
my playing with fire and got up. Upon leaving I literally
spoke to the woods and said goodbye. I truly thought
the forest wasn't a person but another being I coould
interact with.

I exited the woods and came across my friend. we
relaxed by the pool and played frisbee for another hour
until I felt ready to drive to a fast food restaraunt. The
effects were simple lingering, and I have to say my first
time tripping was awesome.

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