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First trip with friends

A real adventure

After much thought I decided to post a trip I had with a few friends. 

There were three of them, for the sake of the trip let us call them Goody, Darky and Matt.
Four of us gathered at the park. Darky prepared doses for each of us - wrapped really nicely! Goody and Darky had 3 grams while Matt and I had 2.5.
This was first time Matt and I took shrooms while Darky was experienced and Goody had them once before, a smaller dose than now. 
So, we ate them - they tasted better than I expected. 20 mins in we started to converse how we are starting to feel a tingling sensation. It was happening sooner than we expected - awesome! One friend started to hug the table a bit, rest of us just sat there in the quiet. Then Goody asked Darky: Hey man what are you doing? (Darky was quite fixed on something). Darky just responded that he was rolling grass. While that conversation was happening I was quite fixed on my sunglasses - I had new 5$ worth sunglasses from ebay and they seemd to give everything a new filter. I even commented that this was better than retrica filter haha. And at this point I probably had the most intense experience when accounting for the whole trip - I could replay a memory - similar like dreaming but quite more feel to it considering I was aware that I am re-experiencing it. I replayed a memory from when I skydived, it was incredible to be able to get that much recollection from that single moment, I could feel everything, the wind, the fear, the excitement. Back to the table, Matt started to get paranoid and started talking that people are listening to us, he is not sure what shit we are saying, someone is going to call the police or ambulance etc. Goody kinda agreed with him while Darky and me were quiet. Goody then suggested that we should leave this place and go somewhere else. I believe we made a decision to move away from the table at least 5 times - no one moved a muscle! Then Goody decided to go take a piss.
He went for an adventure - as he said. The time for him to get back seemed to take forever. But when he started to come back - I started to see him coming towards us but it just seemed like he was walking in one place, like he was not moving at all, just moving his feet up and down on the grass. Eventually he got to the table and then he took a bag of garbage (garbage we had on the table from earlier) and all of us started to get up and we decided to go walk somewhere.

So, we walked, he and Matt were in front considering they were most eager to leave, while Darky and me lagged behind. We just laughed at them because they seemed to be in a completely different place than us. So we exited the park area and were near the buildings. Then Goody decided to explain something. He made a circle with us and started to say: Everything is good, everything is okay, we just have to calm down, there is just 5 us moving along - in that moment we burst into laughter considering there were only 4 of us. A few mins later Matt and Goody started to get an idea to move to the mountain, and Goody stopped, took out his phone and started to type the name of the mountain into Maps and I we died of laughter again because the mountain was exactly in front of him. Like he just needs to move his head up, away from the phone. Then we decided that we probably should not go there because there probably is not enough time to get there. So we started to walk again. We walked around some buildings and Goody still had a garbage bag with stuff from the table in the park, I suggested that he should throw it away in the garbage - it was like he ignored me completely. He just started walking towards the garbage and then just turning away - it was like he forgot what he was going to do with it. I had to repeat it to him for him to throw it away. We walked around the neighbourhood again, I think we had a formed plan to get to the embankment. Only Matt knew the way - kind of. But the funny thing was that Goody was leading the way, I was again in the back and I kept asking him where are we going, you do not know where we are going - you are just walking around randomly. I think I realised why they call it a trip here. You are actually going somewhere! And 20 minutes later we were on some old unbuilt road and were moving out of the civilization, towards the embankment. And boy when we got up there, the first thing we saw was the most idilic setting I ever saw in my life. The sun was setting in front of us, it was a bit purple, and we saw goats, down on the grass. Three of them I believe. Darky just commented that he started to understand the paintings naturalistic painters made and why - and how high there were when they made them. Then we just walked, up on the embankment. Goody and I talked, he had a more intense trip than me, and was kinda always ahead of my trip. He commented like that he feels his hands are sweaty but it is totally new for him, a couple of minutes later I had the same feeling, stuff like that. Also, he had a revelation why they call it a trip at this point. We were walking quite fast so Matt and Darky were trying to catch up. After at least two hours of walking we decided to settle down on the grass - it was already night and the sky was awesome to look at. We put up some music and were just lying there. I think it was probably 10 minutes of looking that someone noticed that the Earth is round. By round I mean - we could see its roundness by looking at the sky. After that we decided that we should go eat something - we have not eaten all day and walked for close to 10 km so it was about time to eat something. We took a bus to my favourite childhood pizza place and had some great pizza. 

That is how our trip ended. We are planning to do it again quite soon and all of us had a phenomenal experience. Thanks for reading, cheers!

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