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A Park Adventure

This was my first time taking shrooms, and I have wanted to take them for a while.

This was my first time taking shrooms, and I have wanted to take them for a while. I was with my friends A, S, and K. The week before we bought shrooms from our friend who hooks up great shrooms (supposedly). We met at our neighborhood shopping center, bought some potato chips and cranberry juice and drove down the road in K's car.
When we reached our "eating" spot, we made chip sandwhiches and each finished a half 1/8. We drove back to the shopping center to go into A's car and he drove us on our way to the spot we had decided to go to before hand. My stomach was sort of upset, but not too bad, and I felt stoned and weird.
Halfway there it started to rain out, and since the place we were gonna go is outside, we thought that wouldn't be a good idea. So we decided to go to a park near one of our friends house to chill and smoke some cigarettes. When we got there we were starting to feel the shrooms.
We walked behind the main area of the park and down a path, and smoked a cigarette. We then looked up and saw a path leading up to a few tall hills, which we decided to go up to to see the view. So we went up there stopping along the way to rest and look around, all the time feeling the affects more.
We reached the point we wanted to get to and it was drizzling so we were under a tree smoking, and talking. I wanted to explore more but it started raining hard so we walked down the other side to get to A's car. We sat there for like 30 minutes just melting and chatting. We then decided to park the car in the parking lot (which we did). By this time the park was completely empty because of the rain, but we didn't want to go outside so we just at in the car for another 30 minutes just relaxing. We decided to leave the park, but A's car wouldn't start (it is a piece of crap) so K called up his friend with jumper cables who said he would be there in an hour.
We decided to get out and walk around because it had stopped raining. By this time we were peaking, and my mind was being expanded. All I could think of was how crazy this was, and how it was like a brain orgasm. I had solutions for everything, and thoughts kept jumping in my head and I would just spurt them out one after another. We messed around in the park and smoked cigarettes, just wandering around looking at everything and talking. K's friend showed up with a buddy and we talked about random things. We looked up on the hill we were just up at and we saw too kids rolling around in the mud, and we couldn't believe they were up there.
After the car got started, we messed around some more, K's friend took off, and we decided to leave when it was getting dark, realizing that we spent 3 or so hours at this park. On the car ride back I started to trip badly, feeling like I had just wasted my whole day, and that we have nothing to do I felt like a waste. Then I felt like since I was out, I needed to meet up with people, and I became anxious. I was like this for about an hour, worrying about everything, but I said I needed to smoke some weed. After we did this I felt more calm.
Shrooms make you think of all these crazy things, but with weed in your system also, you think of one thing and then dwell on it because you are too lazy to think of other things. This calmed me down a little and I just zoned out not wanting to think any more. We listened to some music, got some food, and drove around as the shrooms wore off. I went home because my mom wanted me to watch my brother who had surgery a couple days before. I had not gotten sleep in 2 days because I was up the night before (which is probably why I started to have a bad trip) so I went to sleep early.
Today while I am writing this report, I woke up with a headache and I am just worn out, not having any urge to do anything. I plan to try it again soon.

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