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Very First Trip

Beautiful perspective changing diamonds

This is my very first trip report so I'm sorry if it's not written to terribly well.
A little bit of background to me first. Before shrooms, I had been sober all of my life. I never drank, never smoked pot, never anything. I just didn't have an interest in changing the way I feel. That is until I read a study talking about psilocybin initiating neurogenesis. So, summarizing, I did a lot of research, changed my views of psychedelic drugs, and purchased 2.2 grams of P cubensis . I wanted the psilocybin to be absorbed quickl and efficiently, so I waited about 6 hours after my 2nd meal of the day before I ate them.

After the sun set, I ate the shrooms by themselves (oddly enough I enjoyed the organic taste) and waited. At right about 30 minutes, I felt a warm feeling settle over my back, kind of like someone just layed a warm blanket over me. I turned off the lights, laid in my bed, and waited. After about 10 more minutes, it started. I pulled out my phone and texted my friend to tell him what was going on, when I became distracted by how very beautiful the white glow from the screen was.  It was bright, but it didn't hurt my eyes. I finally managed to pull myself away and actually text my friend. I felt as if I was texting 100X faster than normal, but I have no way to know that for sure.

Sometime went by, and I began to feel connected to the world, realizing time, nature, and space were all one I was them. Hundreds of thoughts ran through my head and I was almost overcome emotionally with these revalations. During that, I felt the need to go outside and to be one with nature. I walked down my hallway, and as I turned around to look back at it, I realized it was stretching. I felt like I should have been freaked out, but instead I just started giggling at this, feeling like I was in a funhouse. I probably stood there for a solid 15 minutes staring at my stretching hallway before I went outside. When I opened the door, Oooohh my gawwwd.

The grass below me moved like the ocean and the colors around me were so, so vivid. Just like my screen, the lights were bright and I felt like my eyes didn't adjust, but they were so beautiful. A plan flew overhead, leaving tracers behind it. I laid down in the grass, wanting nothing more than to meld with nature and become a part of all of this. However, the cold weather discouraged me from that. After quite sometime, I pulled myself from the ground, making my way back to my bed. The lights were off, but the ceiling was waving, just like the grass outside. I plopped down in my bed, the thoughts of the interconnectiveness of the universe still playing in my head.

I began to be able to see in the dark, or at least I convinced myself I could. I looked at my hands and saw hundreds of tiny rainbow diamonds floating around them. That image is still engraved into my mind...

I felt as if all the sound I heard and all the experiences I was having were selfish, because the universe wasn't experincing them as well. I wanted every to feel this, to see this. Abandoning logic, I tried to pull the experiences out of my ears to share with the world. I cried a little when I reazlied that couldn't be done.

I don't remember much after that, I'm afraid, other than finding myself making motor boat sounds while sliding my face up my bedroom wall.

My opinions on drugs, especially psychedelics, have dramatically changed since that night. I realize now the magic and the power they have.


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