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Amanita Muscaria - Bad Experience

It shouldn't be called a trip at all

Ok - so I posted about 3 or 4 reports about my experiments with Amanita Muscaria over the summer and into the autumn 2015. All of which were written in a positive light, as I was still experimenting with various dosages and drying methods and other processing. I'm done with it and have come to some conclusions.

I did plenty of these mushrooms freshly picked and dried using various methods during the season and I can tell you about my final experience, which eventually tipped the scale in favor of dropping this species for good. But first some basic facts about my experiences...

- I am 50 years old - 220Lbs - no stranger to Psilocybin.
- The visual trip and effect of AM is VERY weak compared to psilocybin.
- The active chemical Muscimol is not in the fresh shroom. You have to heat or dry them to get it. It's difficult to keep the levels of Muscimol produced by drying at a constant, even when using the same methods for drying, as the potency of each fresh mushroom can vary greatly (amount of ibotenic acid that eventually turns into muscimol by the drying process).
- Powdered mushrooms made into tea or anything else taste like shit (I didn't try making cakes with sugar)
- The main effect of Muscimol is as a sedative. Anything over about 5g took me into a sedated sleep where I was unconscious, but still prone to unconsciously wandering about and bumping into things.
- There are no real hallucinogenic effects even at high levels of muscimol over 20g. Just a slight visual trippiness.
- Over 5g doses, my body experienced unconscious periods - at 20g these unconscious periods proved to be very dangerous - I was rescued on several occasions whilst falling about and had many bruises and close shaves.
- The same amount of AM can work differently at different times. I tested this with stable potency mixed powder.
- Taking large doses at once is not the way to do it. You have to take it like alcohol - over a period, or it will knock you out.

95% of so called 'Amanita trips' over 5g for me involved waiting for something to happen, yawning, falling asleep, then being rudely awoken as I fell over something, or banged my head into the floor during a zombie AM sleepwalk. Falling like this, the moment of impact creates small fragments of memories that appear as if in a dream. On coming out of the unconscious period (depending on dosage, usually about 3-8 hours for 5-20g) I woke always with broken fragments of what had happened in some remote dream, only to be filled in by the conscious evidence all around. All trips involved bruises and broken objects, cups, ornaments etc. I also have been help prisoner by my wife who babysat me a few times and wouldn't let me out of the room for fear of losing more stuff. In none of the trips did I ever think - wow this is great. Only at levels under 5g did I ever find AM slightly amusing and beneficial as a slight sedative (for a good nights sleep)


I ate dried shrooms. The only way I like it. I had taken to doing about 5g because of several pretty painful experiences falling about on dosages up to 20g, this time I did about 8g over a period of about 4 hours - just enough to put me into a happy sleepy mood with a slight barely noticeable visual quality to it.

After about 5 hours I noticed that the visual effect was more trippy this time than 8g had ever been previously. In fact it was much more than what 20g or even 40g over 2 days non stop had produced and was becoming close to a Psilocybin effect. At the same time I began to feel sleepy, and I knew what was in store. I was going to pay! So I locked myself into my room and threw the key under the bed, as I had nobody to babysit me. I guessed that I wouldn't be able to find it when I became unconscious, which worked out pretty good as an emergency measure.

I fell asleep. I woke at several points. The first I remember was pulling over a chest of drawers and falling over backwards, just that and nothing else. The second I remember was waking up clutching the bed thinking that I had just awoken from death. Nothing - no memories before it, like waking up with an empty head, numbing blackness. I had this experience a few times previously, so I guess I was trying to work out if it was the shrooms as usual or if something was wrong, but I had no memory of anything before waking at this point and then I fell asleep again. Third thing I remember was falling over backwards at the door and banging my head. Fourth I remember tripping over my closet into the wall. On no occasion did I remember ever climbing into bed again, but I remember waking up several times with the same thoughts - blackness, numbness, no memory - what's happening?

When I finally became conscious, I sprang out of bed. I knew by experience that these fragments were not just a dream. The room was messed up of course. The chest of drawers was tipped over, and I had managed to dislodge a very expensive keyboard - but it did not fall off the stand. I had pissed on my bedsheet. I have bruises on my knees and the back of my head and my left foot hurts.

Still at least this time I didn't fall down the stairs like I did once before.

The so called trip is nothing scary - it is FEEBLE compared to Psilocybin. What scares me is wandering about unconscious, and what the effect of musicmol will be each time. It is just too inconsistent. 

So that's it for me with AM, there are just way too many negatives and not enough positives, and even the positives are barely worth it.

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