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LSD and Weed

A lot of Acid and Weed

Pre Trip Details:

So me and my friend Ian put some money together and bought a couple strips of LSD on a friday night, this was only my second time doing it and the first time was only a half tab. As soon we went and picked them up, we both dropped two in the car and just chilled the way back (it was about a 45 minute drive back to his house, which is where we were staying) We stopped at a gas station a couple minutes from his house to get drinks and this is when it started to kick in. We walked in and Ian could barely even pay for the shit because he was laughing like a school girl, and the lady working probably knew what was up.

The Trip:

So we got back to his house, and i could feel those two tabs kicking in, i daped everybody up, we smoked a bowl or two, and then Ian gave our friend Luis a tab, and i gave our mountain tard friend, Brandon, a tab. After we smoked shit got real, Brandon thought he was being chased by a ghost and almost put me in a bad headspace, because his bum ass was saying the house was haunted with Ians dead aunt's ghost. I don't even think he was tripping at that point because that was like 10 minutes after he dropped it, but i don't know, the weed probably had something to do with it. But after a while, we basically told Brandon to leave because he can be annoying, so he just went and sat in his room all night. Meanwhile we were sitting in Ian's room and Luis convinced me to give him another tab, since we were both on two and he was only on one, and it hadn't kicked in yet, so i gave him one, and while i had my shit out i said fuck it and dropped another tab.

So I'm at 3 tabs and like 3 or 4 bowls at this point, and this is were shit gets foggy, At this point everyone was smoking cigs, and since i quit, i thought hey. I got all this dank ass weed so while everyone was smoking cigs, I started packing so many bowls dude, I'm pretty sure we had his basement hotboxed. This weed was dank as fuck too so i was getting HIIIIGH. I think it was at this point were Luis wanted to get his munchies on, so i just gave him a 20 and he came back with so many bags of chips, me and ian were sitting on this couch watching tv eating the shit out some chips and drinking so much water.

This is when shit got real. We were about 6 or 7 bowls deep, and i was seeing colors everywhere, and when i looked at Ians face, alls i saw was his facial features, and then swirling colors around his head, and i didn't even question it at the time because i was soooo high off the weed that i thought it was just reality at this point. We were passing this jug of tap water back in forth, just raping it. We spilled so much of it too it was hilarious. I honestly think i smoked too much weed this night to really appreciate the visuals i was getting, because i really don't remember. I do remember looking at his ceiling in his dark living room, and it looked like a rainbow galaxy just swirling around his light that wasn't even on, his tv was mostly lighting up the room which was kind of trippy. shadows kept moving and i couldn't even read anything the tv was saying because letters were moving so much. Also while all that happened, Luis was upstairs playing xbox, and i think Brandon was sleeping. 

After all that, we went and smoked another bowl and my peak was pretty much over (I don't know how long we sat there and watched tv, but i have a feeling it was a pretty long time) so i decided to take another tab, which i will admit was kind of dumb, but i just wanted to feel that again. So now I'm at 4 tabs, and about 8 bowls. I was so fucked up that i ended up just laying on the couch for a couple hours just thinking about stuff and trying to watch tv. But after my high started to come down the tiredness hit me and i went to bed. I actually fell asleep better then i thought i would (atleast i think) i know acids supposed to keep you up, but i think it was all the weed that helped me drift off into slumber land.

After Trip:

I woke up that morning and felt great. I pretty much went around the house and talked to the homies about last night. I was glad to hear everybody had a good time. I didnt stick around too long tho, i eventually went home because i was still pretty tired, and went back to sleep.

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