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asleep untill now

I've tripped 3 times now on mushrooms.

I've tripped 3 times now on mushrooms...but my 2nd trip was probably my best trip yet...me and my reallllly close friend Evan went out to a very remote park, just out of the town we live in.. we got there at 5:00 am, found a beautiful campsite..and built a fire..It was his first time tripping, so me and him each split a bag...(both of us had completely empty stomaches, we had been partying the night b4 on cocaine, so we hadn't slept either) we sat there for awhile watching the fire & then decided we'd go for a walk...we walked through the park & as we were walking i felt that familiar fuzzy, alert feeling that appears at the onset of a trip..the colors of the trees and everything around us was crisp and gorgeous..I told him that I thought they might be starting to kick in & he seemed to agree...we came upon a swinging bridge that led to some more paths...we walked across the bridge and stopped in the middle..I told him that i really wanted to just sit there and close my eyes for awhile while & relax while the trip started to set in...WoW!! the sun was amazing..I closed my eyes and turned my head towards where the sun was rising & everything was an amazing red..with veins..it seemed to kind of beat like a heart...when i turned my head the other way it was an amazing deep deep purple..so i went back in forth turning my head and seeing these colors...Evan said he thought he was started to trip because he looked far off into the bushes and everything had a blue glow...he started expeirencing color shades everywhere he looked, the trees, the water..I saw pink shades sometimes when i looked into the trees..we watched little bubbles that just kept on flowing down the river underneath the bridge..it seemed like the bubbles just never stopped flowing..and we both couldn't stop laughing at the bubbles, they just seemed SO funny!! lol..I remember saying that "the little bubbles fuCkin rock!! they just keep truckin down the river"..then evan poited out the question "where do they all come from"..that seemed to me like an amazing question..where did they come from..i pondered this for awhile???..we got up after this and decided to walk across the bridge to the other side to find some paths to walk on...we did this and then eventually settled down on a log in the middle of one of the paths to smoke some pot on my pipe...thats when i peaked..the most memorable visuals and colors I've ever seen...(as all of u fellow trippers know, its hard to clearly remember everything about a trip, but ill try and remember as much as i can) I looked up at the blue sky and started seeing little white squiggles swirling around..all of a sudden it looked like the sky was going to suck me into it..i got a little frightened, as this was my first real hullucination...i stood up and started saying omg, omg holy shit holy shit!! the skys talking to me..its letting me know that its there, that its alive..a patch of it was swirling and seemed to be trying to inhale something like a mouth!!!!..we started looking far off into the trees..and it was like we were in a picture for awhile...the trees and landscape around us kept going and going and going...evan put a word on this, saying it was like 'layers'..and this made SO much sense to me....i started staring off into the trees and we were seeing shades of colors everywhere we looked...the trees all took on a purple glow (they seem to do this everytime I trip) and they seemed to be looking down at us, warning us of how powerful they really are, how we shud respect them..or maybe just letting us kno that they were there, alive, existing with us...all of a sudden the forest started breathing..Of course I alwayz knew that everything in the forest was alive...but its like I REALLY knew that it was alive...like the forest was showing this to me...the whole forest was breathing..such an amazing feeling..and i felt a part of this.. like the forest and I were one huge organizm living together....this breathing quickly changed to swaying..it was like all the trees were doing the wave..vertically..(this was my alltime FAVORITE thing ive expeienced on mush) i think of this as my mushroom wave..thats what came to mind at the time..it was at the height of my peak..this wave soared throughout my body and the forest and then i felt as if i was in the heart of the mushroom..or a sort of mushroom dome and enclosed us right there..and we were living right now, not in the past or the future..time had ceased to move.. and the mushroom was ready to whisper its secrets and englighten me with its knowledge... after this me and evan walked back to our camp site ..where the fire had died..he wanted to go see this little log shed that was about a 50 yards away..we started to make our way there but we got side tracked and ended up sitting down...this was the mind bending part of the trip...where we both had these amazingly deep thoughts..it was like we had so many thoughts we could hardly keep on track...this part of this trip is where i forget so many amazing things, and just remember the feelings..we felt such a unity with the earch and the animals..and we felt such a disgust for the commercial outside world..we couldnt hardly even imagine the outside world..though we knew we had to go back there..we talked about religion, evolution, animals, plants and how everything is living..we felt SUCH an amazing unity with the animals and plants..they were our family..I don't even remember exactly what it was that moved me so much, i think we might have been talking about how superficial and fake the outside world was..about how mechanical life is..how we never really get to enjoy it.. but all of a sudden i started crying..it was a million emotions all mixed into one..i felt that a spiritual revelation had occured..like a higher force had hit me & I voiced this idea...it was beautiful, but scary and sad at the same time..evan hugged me and then he also began to cry..we sat there on the mossy forest floor...hugging and crying our eyes out..but it wasnt sad or depressing..it was such a beautiful expeirence that I will Never forget...after this we stood up..and realized we hadnt even made it to the log cabin..we had peaked and tripped and were on our come down..and we still were about 20 yards away...so we made our way over there finally, and to our suprize..it was a dirty, fly infested outhouse..that hadnt been used in what looked like years..this was kind of humourus as we thought that we were finding some amazing little hide away...we crawled back up this hill, to evans car but we decided to sit on the ground outside of his car..we talked about our trip..everything still seemed so beautiful, and the colors of the trees were amazing, our afterglow was cool, and we were left with such a good feeling..and such a unity with the nature world around us...Evan & I came to the realization that day that psychedelia is nature..everything else is fabricated.....

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